USP: what is it and how to create it

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Competitive advantages can be described in the text, or use a simpler method. It consists of preparing a sales proposal that contains both a description of the attractive aspects and differences from competitors. Despite the simplicity of the task, many companies have to spend time on compilation.

USP: why a buyer should contact you


The unique selling proposition is only loosely related to the products offered. In fact, the USP is about the company’s features and noticeable differences from its competitors. The ideal proposal will allow employees to quickly answer the question of why clients should pay attention to your work.

Since the purpose of the creation is to create a desire to cooperate with the business, there is no need to indicate the cost of goods or your current position in the market. These functions are assigned to offers and positioning – formulations to stimulate demand and answer questions about what the brand does to maintain popularity.

Once you have an understanding that USP is how a company differentiates itself in the market, the acquired capabilities include:

The prepared proposal is used to formulate a strategy. Showcase your difference on landing pages, advertisements, and your corporate website.

How to make an attractive offer

Once you know what a USP is, you can take the time to develop it. To get started, you’ll need to do a little research. Identify the main competitors from the market segment, plus pay attention to their offers. This way you will not only get examples of correct statements, but also learn how you differ from the rest.

Analysing information about competing online stores and brands is not the only thing you need to spend time on. To work effectively you need:

  1. Study the company’s activities and the product offered. The characteristics and benefits of the product (service) will be reflected in the final version. Understanding internal processes will also find its place in the USP.
  2. Study the criteria for selecting potential buyers. To offer a unique product that solves the client’s pain points, you need to know what the audience wants. Contact managers. The more detailed your answer is, the easier it is to create a proposal.
  3. Studying competitors. It will not be possible to highlight your features without knowing about the advantages of your competitors.

At the end of the first stage, it is too early to think about how to create a USP. To do this, you need to explore the other side of the offer – the characteristics of your product.

Characteristics that set you apart from your competitors

To create an attractive offer, you need a detailed analysis of the proposed product. Thanks to this, you will learn what features should be highlighted in your USP. Researching your own product will make you look at it in a new way and highlight:

Before developing a USP, you need to prepare the support for creating a catchy headline.

Effective USP: formulas and useful tips

In order to determine effectiveness, you need to not only understand what the USP is in the text, but also follow proven recommendations. For example, the lack of differences from competitors suggests that you need to be creative to increase sales. So, from an “ordinary property” you can make a unique one, without having to lie or deceive.

For drawing up proposals, formulas are provided that have worked for many years. It also helps to choose the appropriate option because the prepared statements can be combined or supplemented with others. To prepare a unique selling proposition, use examples created based on formulas:

  1. Product+property. The role of the property is advantages, benefits and unusual advantages. You can also highlight non-obvious but attractive characteristics of the product.
  2. Product + emotion. Managing their emotions will help you catch the buyer’s attention. To do this, add pleasant associations or triggers that influence the perception of your target audience.
  3. Product + warranty. It will be useful for clients to know that you are ready to guarantee that their needs are met. This way you convince the audience of your superiority and the required skills.

By avoiding empty statements, it will be possible to formulate a proposal and consolidate the created brand image in the client’s memory. Positive reinforcement is a great way to increase your pool of potential buyers at minimal cost. There simply cannot be any other secrets on how to create a unique selling proposition. You say, people believe, and then the results depend on the correspondence of expectations and reality. Pay attention to the service, and the company will get rid of one more problem.

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