Advertising texts: what they are, types and features

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Advertising is the engine of trade, so it is not surprising that advertising selling texts appear. The first thing that catches the eye is the description of the product/product, after reading which the reader is convinced of the need to purchase. In order for the advertising text to catch the eye, it is worth paying more attention to existing types and their features.

Types of texts that increase sales

advertising text

Working on advertising text does not cause problems if the author knows the purpose of use. This is reflected in the pre-prepared task. Since advertising texts perform more than one task, the following types are distinguished:

  1. Informative. The description contains the characteristics and benefits of purchasing the product offered. Thus, the manufacturer (seller) shares information and motivates interested buyers to place an order.
  2. Explanatory. The difference between such texts is that when writing they use the opinions of experts and other authoritative persons. Thanks to the information content and confirmation of guesses, it will be possible to increase the level of interest.
  3. Image. This type of text is intended to create (confirm) brand reputation. The author’s task is to create the right image and consolidate this association with clients.
  4. Reminiscent. Since the advertising text is an offer to purchase, there is a stage at which you need to remind about the previously ordered product. To do this, they use materials that convince the reader of the correctness of the decision and the repeated choice of a familiar product.
  5. Promotional text. A description of the product is not required here, because the author tells the reader about a possible solution (the advertised product). To do this, paragraphs describe the client’s “pains,” needs, and a simple way out of the situation.
  6. Protective. To write, the author points out competitive advantages, revealing them in the material. It is also a way for brands to highlight their differences and differentiate their offerings from the rest.

Using different types of texts, you can get an influx of customers and prepare the basis for the next advertising campaigns. There are different ways to convince consumers of the need to place an order, as evidenced by the variety of approaches to advertising.

Features of selling texts

Getting a potential client to close a deal is not always easy. To do this, you need to use proven approaches to creating selling text for advertising, because this is the key to a successful promotional campaign. Beginners are advised to focus on specifics and talk about real facts. Get straight to the point and avoid long introductions.

You can grab the reader’s attention by excluding complex phrases from the article. Get rid of long sentences, watery expressions and other verbal rubbish. For example, forget about cliches.

Focus on the consumer, because your goal is to convince him of the benefits, and not to write advertising text for the sake of advertising. By describing the problems of the audience and how to solve them, you will be able to achieve better results. The benefits of products should also be presented through the prism of the needs of target customers.

Pay attention to the central idea. Using one article to advertise several products is incorrect and ineffective. Instead, create proposal-related looks for women and men. Triggers will help embed yourself in memory and stimulate demand for the service.

Without which there is no effective advertising

Information about what advertising copy is of no use if you do not mention ways to improve efficiency. Some of them – specificity, originality, simplicity – have already been revealed, and the second is:

When the author understands that this is an advertisement and how the text corresponding to the target idea differs, there are no questions left. Instead, spend time choosing arguments that motivate the deal.

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