How to choose a good copywriter: a guide to action

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Before giving some instructions on how to choose a good copywriter, let’s understand the peculiarities of this profession. A copywriter is an author who writes advertising, informational, useful, and other types of content. The contractor is assigned one and only task – to write a working text that will effectively promote goods and services. Efficiency, in turn, is determined by the profit received by the customer.

Today, when almost all business is conducted on the Internet, having a good copy increases the level of sales and the success of business promotion. At the same time, finding a truly competent specialist is not easy. There are many authors, but few professionals. Therefore, it is important to know not only where to look for an artist, but also the rules for choosing a copywriter.

The demand for copywriting is very high today, but there are two parallel issues. For performers – where to find a good and solvent customer. For a client – how to find a good copywriter. As for the second point, customers often choose a contractor not only for professional qualities, but also for the price of services. But here there may already be inconsistencies, since an experienced copywriter will not work for three kopecks.

Three ways to find a good copywriter

Как выбрать хорошего копирайтера: руководство к действию

Finding an intelligent writer is a real pain for the client, since a good performer is worth its weight in gold today. Some write for the sake of signs, the second do not try to grasp the essence of the topic, the third write outright nonsense, and so on down the list. And only a professional copywriter is able to cope with the task at hand, producing cool material.

How to choose a good copywriter is a question that most clients face. There are three ways to find an artist:

  1. Method “From the task”. It all depends on the question posed. There are authors who write on a specific topic. There are many such performers on the Internet. Other copywriters write commercial copy directly. At the same time, they carry out analytical work. That is, these are people who help to solve the task in a comprehensive manner. For example, analyze the target audience, collect the necessary information about its needs, find good platforms for business promotion, etc.
  2. Method “From the budget”. The main task of advertising is to sell. But here, along with the question of how to find a copywriter, another arises – from what budget to allocate funds to pay for the author’s services? From advertising and marketing. The volume of work is estimated at 1000 characters. However, the price includes not only the amount of writing, but also the experience, the level of the performer’s competence, the amount of knowledge. In addition, the price may depend on the task at hand. For example, writing SEO copy will cost a little more than regular copy.
  3. Method “From the expected result”. In order not to go into the copywriting jungle, let’s say that using this method, you can be convinced of the competence of the copywriter. Or vice versa. How does this happen? An inexperienced specialist or someone who just wants to make money will not ask the client questions. Not to mention the fact that he will not delve into either the target audience or the topic itself. He will announce the cost of work, deadlines and send a brief, if any. A good, experienced copywriter will ask the necessary questions, provide a form to fill out, and discuss the terms and conditions.

How do you know if a copywriter is good? You can draw up a kind of checklist with questions and ask it to a potential contractor. If the author is really experienced, then his answers will be clear and clear. But don’t ask many questions if you’re on a budget.

If you don’t know how to check a copywriter, give a test task. But be prepared for the fact that an experienced writer is unlikely to agree to do it for free. Take at least 50% of the cost of their services.

What to look for when choosing a performer?

Many customers often face such a problem – how to choose the right copywriter. After all, every client wants his business to develop, and for this, high-quality content is important.

When choosing a performer, you need to rely on several points:

  1. Portfolio. A professional copywriter will have it available. But you need to be prepared for the fact that among the specified works there may not be an article on your topic. This does not mean that the person does not understand the topic: perhaps the performer has not yet had to work in this direction.
  2. Recommendations. One of the important parameters. Many copywriters have a separate section for this in their portfolio. Please note that reviews should be detailed, and not “everything is cool, I will still apply.”
  3. Style. It is clear that for each topic, target audience, its own writing style is selected. A good copywriter can easily “switch” to a new wave, picking up the style of communication between the customer and subscribers (when it comes to pages on social networks).

To understand how to choose a good copywriter, also look at the length of sentences in finished works, the number of introductory words, exclamation marks.

Where to find a professional?

Как выбрать хорошего копирайтера: руководство к действию

As you can see, there are a lot of requirements for finding a good author. However, do not despair. The question of how to find a copywriter for a site will not arise before you if you clearly know who you need and what you want to get.

Many authors work on freelance exchanges, but you need to be careful here, as the low price of the service often hides the appropriate quality. If you need a professional, use the recommendations. Alternatively, you can enter the query “how to choose a copywriter” into a search engine and, with the help of advice, find a worthy specialist.

But if you are on this page and are reading this article, then you are in the right place. The team of our agency is experienced copywriters who are able to write a text on any topic within a specified time frame.

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