How to write a commercial proposal correctly

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There are many marketing tools and techniques that can help you promote your brand effectively. One of them is a commercial proposal. It is emailed to the recipient to receive feedback.

If you create a commercial proposal that the customer will like, he will be able to move on to the next stage of interaction. These include face-to-face meetings, presentations or contracting with a company. There are several types of CPs that differ in their structure and are designed to be sent to different target audiences.

What are the commercial offers

The main types of commercial offers are as follows:

They are used to increase sales and customer engagement. Only the third approach is for jurisprudence.

“Cold” offer is intended for mass mailings to users who do not cooperate with the company. If the addressee reads the message to the end, then there is a high probability of receiving feedback. By making an effective business proposal and to improve the response to it? Try to enable personalization and other techniques that will make your mailing stand out from the rest of the spam in your inbox and attract attention.

“Hot” commercial offer is sent upon prior request or after communication with customers who are ready to continue to interact with the brand. How to write a commercial proposal of this type? The letter should include as much information as possible about goods and services, pricing policy. The message is often presented in the form of a presentation and reaches 15 pages.

How to write a commercial proposal correctly

A public offer is a special contract that does not need to be signed. It is posted on the websites of online stores and other portals that require registration. After filling out the questionnaire, you must check the box next to the corresponding line and automatically accept the terms of the offer.

Structure of the letter

The structure of a commercial proposal can be compared to a sales text. The difference lies in the offer itself, on the basis of which the user will make a decision to continue cooperation. How to write a commercial proposal? To create a quality letter, you need to use several elements:

  1. Company’s logo. It is usually placed at the top of the commercial offer. Needed for quick recognition of your brand and operational communication (if contact details are provided).
  2. Title. He should maximally attract the attention of potential customers and motivate to read the further text. Catchy headlines show maximum efficiency.
  3. Lead. The first few sentences of text, on the basis of which the user will make a decision – to read further or send an email to spam.
  4. Offer. Description of goods and services, pricing policy and promotional offers that will be of interest to the client.
  5. Benefits. You can indicate the merits of working with you, buying goods or using services from to solve your problems.
  6. Objections. Handling objections will help increase the level of trust of readers, for it to answer the most anticipated GPs dew (of companies, delivering products, services, location of races the positions I, and so on).
  7. Call to action. The target audience will be able to contact you or go to the pages of the site if you indicate a specific way to do this. Phrases “call”, “follow the link” or “place an order” will help speed up your feedback.

Add a few phrases at the end of the text to figure out how to write your sales pitch and maximize the impact of the entire letter. Postscript is the best way to reach as many audiences as possible. This line indicates that the offer is limited in time or quantity. You can use the example of a commercial first sentence I and recall its competitive advantages, including other strong phrases, motivating the audience to perform targeted actions.

A step-by-step guide to writing a business proposal

By ak write a business proposal? Composing the text of the letter can be carried out on the basis of a pre-prepared plan and a simple formula. You will need a few steps:

Think about how your proposal can be useful for a particular person. When all the steps are worked out, start writing blocks of text to promote goods and services.

Letter design

It is not necessary to use only dry text to present your services to clients. About formlenie quotation is an important part to attract attention. The KP design can be supplemented with colorful pictures.

What are the commercial offers

To structure information and make it easier to read, it is worth using lists (numbered or bulleted), sections and highlighting a new line from a paragraph. First, a prototype is created, on the basis of which the designers will be able to perform a high-quality design of the version of your letter.

The mailing is carried out in several ways. This is email or regular mail, notifications in your company’s applications. You can also send a regular sales letter, and if it interests the client, use the commercial proposal format to improve interaction and ensure long-term cooperation.

Now you know what a commercial offer looks like and on the basis of what principles a letter is drawn up. Avoid errors and a dispute situations, and your brand will quickly popular among loyal customers.

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