What is SEO copywriting?

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Many novice authors, as well as those who order articles for their site, do not know what SEO copywriting means. It is believed that such texts are targeted at search engines. But this is not the case – the content is tailored for readers, and the difference lies in the number of keys. There are more key words than in ordinary articles, they can be entered not only in exact, but also in morphological form.

SEO copywriting is

Seo copywriting what is it? This is writing texts that are optimized for various tasks. Such articles are one of the best ways to promote your web resources in search. Due to the large number of key phrases, the search robot will give the site a higher rating, and users will be able to visit and open pages for various queries indicated in the search bar.

Who are SEO copywriters? These are authors who write articles. They create interesting content that includes a certain number of keywords. The texts will fully disclose information of interest to readers.


Each article has a number of requirements that must be followed. The first is uniqueness. The algorithm of work of search systems aimed at excluding from top sites that use copy-paste. Unique and interesting pages will be at the top of the rankings, thanks to which users can quickly study the proposed information.

Before transferring the finished content to the customer, the copywriter must personally make sure that the texts are original. To do this, each article is sent to the anti – plagiarism service. In this case, several parameters are used: shingle and shingle pitch.

The first is the part of the piece of text that needs to be checked. The second is the length of the fragment. If the system detects parts of articles that are completely identical to those already published, the content will be considered non-unique, and the author will have to rework it.

Nausea and key requests

Each text has certain words that correspond to the chosen topic for writing. What keywords should be entered in the work? It all depends on what article is required. When it comes to selling text, you can use queries that motivate the reader to purchase a product or use the services:

How to work with key phrases? Keywords should appear in the text with a given frequency. This frequency and is called nausea. If the article is oversaturated with key phrases, then the site will receive a low rating from the search engine and is unlikely to reach the top.

So that the copywriter does not wonder how to enter keywords in the finished article, customers can themselves indicate in which fragment the specified requests should be. It is best to keep the words evenly distributed throughout the text. In this case, the article will be well received not only by the search engine, but also by the readers.

SEO copywriting what is

Keys can be written in direct or morphological form. If the task does not indicate that words are spit, they are used in the given occurrence. When a keyword consists of several words, it is diluted with punctuation marks. But he did not have time Biwa into two sentences, separated by a point. Therefore, commas, brackets, dashes, and so on are used.


Tags are symbols that are needed for proper hypertext markup on the site. Thanks to the presence of tags, a solid canvas of text that looks beautiful in a text document, but not aesthetically pleasing on the pages of a web resource, will turn into a beautiful and readable text.

How to choose the best SEO copywriter? You need to focus on the skills of the author. Many customers pay attention to whether the copywriter knows how to use tags and other tools that help in creating the perfect articles for the site.

Authors should be aware that a tag is a value placed between the angle brackets ” <> “. An opening parenthesis must be used at the beginning of the text that needs to be highlighted in a special way, and a closing parenthesis must be used at the end (padded with a slash).

How do competent seo copywriting, which is well paid? The copywriter should familiarize himself with the topic proposed for work, choose the correct placement for each key specified in the assignment. Pay attention to the tags during the registration of the work, possibly to inscribe hyperlinks to the article. Each element in the seo- text should be in its place, and only then it will be possible to quickly and effectively promote the site on the network.

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