What are quizzes and how to create a quiz that will bring leads

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A quiz is a special business tool designed to help you achieve your goals. These include engaging customers, identifying pain points, handling objections, and increasing sales. To create a quality quiz, you must follow the instructions below.

Definition of a quiz

Quiz Goals

What is a quiz? The English word quiz is translated as “survey” or “quiz”. It is intended for audience testing. Tests in this format are offered to “warm” clients who are sure that they need your help. They are not ready to buy products right now, but you can offer better options that will turn potential buyers into those who actually buy products.

Quizzes are divided into several types:

In some cases, mixed quizzes are used – the user is offered a quiz in which they can learn something new, after which a discount is given on certain products on the site.

Quiz Goals

The first goal of the quiz is to tell about your or partner company. In this case, it is better to use a game or entertaining form of presenting information. Educational materials are better perceived by the potential audience. And your employees are better attuned to work, which increases traffic on the site.

Determining customer needs is the second goal. If users do not understand why they need a product, a quiz should be offered. It can take the form of a survey on the site or in a chat. A simple example is a multiple choice test. It will help determine the condition of the skin or hair during the testing process. If a person sees a negative result, he will understand that he needs products to restore the skin.

An equally important role is played by the work with objections. Many customers are hesitant to buy, so you should convince him that your offer is more profitable than that of a competitor. To do this, you can use the most frequently asked questions to dispel myths about products or services. An additional motivation will be to receive a discount after passing the test.

How to create an effective quiz

Definition of a quiz

The quiz can be placed in a chatbot, social network or company website. How to write an interesting quiz? For the questionnaire to be most effective, you must follow the advice of experts:

  1. Determine the profile of the target audience.
  2. Select a topic for the survey. Content should be of interest to potential customers.
  3. Think carefully about the questions. The goal is not to test the client, but to push them to buy goods, to check the level of proficiency in certain skills. You can add helpful comments and explanations to each question.
  4. Create an interesting visual design. These can be thematic pictures, emoji or animations.
  5. Think of a way to calculate the results. Most often, the user is awarded a certain number of points for each answer.

Results with humorous overtones are perceived much better. In this case, customers may decide to share them with friends on social networks or instant messengers, which helps to attract new customers. This way more people will know about the survey and want to take the test as well.

The final part of the quiz is the lead magnet. It should be created with personalization in mind for each client. You will need the user ‘s personal data – to do this, offer useful information or discounts on goods to motivate them to leave an email/phone number. The manager can also report test results based on selected responses.

Where to create a quiz?

What are quizzes

How to make an effective quiz? The first way is to write code to be inserted into the body code of the site. This way you can create a test that perfectly matches your goals. This is a simple answer to the question of how to create a quiz for a website.

Easier options are to create quiz using the constructor. The questionnaire will be automatically embedded in the code, and users will be able to use it during the transition to the site pages.

If the site is built on WordPress, you can choose a suitable plugin to add a quiz. For clients who use messengers more often, chat bots and advertising in messengers are suitable. It can be posted on WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram and so on.

Try several quiz options to find the best look for your site. At the end of each survey, offer customers interesting results that will be a great motivation for buying.

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