Transactional emails: increase brand loyalty and trust

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Transactional emails are a response to a customer action. They do not contain advertising – they are notifications about completed transactions, adding goods to the cart, receiving an order, the selected delivery method, and so on. The peculiarity of such mailing is that the notification must be sent instantly. The user will be able to verify that the action taken was recorded in the system.

Trigger emails are mailings, the purpose of which is to increase the interest of customers. First, a plan is drawn up (including the date and time of each next letter), after which the user will receive notifications with advertising. These emails are only sent to subscribers.

Pros of transactional emails

Trigger emails

transactional mailings carry are as follows:

  1. The presence of useful information for the client, no advertising.
  2. The presence of buttons for a quick transition to the basket (for making purchases), to your personal account or to contact the operator.
  3. A wide range of letter design templates.
  4. Reducing the burden on operators. Employees do not need to make a call to the client after each order placement, transactions, and so on – all information will be collected in an automatic email.

With the help of a well-formed letter, you can increase customer loyalty and motivate them to make an additional purchase.

Types of letters

Transactional emails are several types of notifications useful to customers. The first is order confirmation. After making a purchase, an email with the details of the order will be sent to the specified email address. The text should include gratitude for the purchase, parameters (time, date, number by which you can track the parcel, work schedule, contacts, etc.) and further actions – waiting for the order, payment or contacting the courier service.

The second type is a notification that indicates the current status delivery. Preparing the parcel for shipment, direct dispatch by the postal service or delivery to the point of issue – each step must be indicated in the mailing list.

Checkout is another important part of the checkout process. The buyer must know exactly whether the money was transferred to the seller, how much VAT is, and much more. Therefore, such emails are sent at the checkout stage.

Which channel to use to send

Pros of transactional emails

Most often, a transactional letter is sent via email. The advantages of this channel are in the absence of notification size limits. But if there is little information, you can use SMS messages. They include secret codes for password recovery, changing the status of the parcel.

Also good for mailing:

Such letters do not require additional payment by the client and do not take much time to read. Companies that want to make sure that a person receives a notification use several channels distribution.

Mistakes while composing the mailing text

The first mistake that is made when compiling a mailing list is adding advertising. Users who want to receive promotional notifications subscribe to a triggered mailing list, and the presence of promotional offers in transactional emails will lead to a backlash.

How to write an interesting transactional letter? Do not use complex phrases that are not intended for a specific target audience. Simple text separated by lists and paragraphs will be great for readers. Include answers to the most frequently asked customer questions.

So that the client can contact the company’s employees at any time, it is important not to forget about the presence of the corresponding button or link in the text of the letter. This will help increase the usefulness of the newsletter and motivate the user to continue cooperation.

It is important not to forget that the mailing list requires constant improvement. Periodic strategy changes will help to interest the client and make the brand more popular.

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