Audio transcription: is it worth spending time on it

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At times, technology can seem to take over every field of activity, so people can finally relax. But in reality the situation looks different. This is easy to prove through the use of striking examples. Text transcription is the kind of activity that a person will perform better than programs and algorithms.

What is text transcription

Holding important meetings or sessions in court is accompanied by a record of what is happening. The information is used to create detailed reports, familiarize yourself with the situation or confirm the words spoken. In order to “translate” an audio track into an acceptable format, it is necessary to transcribe the text with the help of a specialist.

In other words, it is required to display all the events in the hall for an hour on paper. This requires special skills and an excellent memory. Such work is well paid by customers, because it is impossible to entrust this task to an automated system.

The reason that only a person is engaged in transcription is the ability to distinguish the speech of those present. The programs are able to convert the audio format into a continuous sentence without commas and dots. This is unlikely to help the reader perceive the information, so applications are not popular.

The only way to use programs is to remove noise or correct speed. Thus, the performer needs to have the technique of speed dialing and excellent hearing. Removing recording flaws that affect the quality of work is an important stage in preparing material for the direction.

How audio is transcribed

transcribed texts

Audio recordings allow you to capture all the events that occur during a meeting or discussion. As a result, the tracks are transferred to specialists – transcribers who are able to turn an inconvenient format into text. The result of the work is a documentation of the conversation with the exception of the words-“parasites” and long pauses.

Since transcription is a modern form of shorthand, the conversion is carried out in several stages:

  1. Preparation for work. Listening to tracks requires good headphones, a quiet environment, concentration, and the right note-taking and spelling tools.
  2. Listening to audio. The file allows the transcriber to get firsthand information. The specialist will have to identify the main speakers, remove extraneous noise and decipher and fix what was said.
  3. Word processing. Transcription of audio into text allows you to take care of the purity of speech, remove pauses and get rid of useless replicas. The performer corrects mistakes, makes logical sentences and fights for ease of perception.
  4. Formulation of the final version. The final stage of task preparation is editorial work. The transcriber will have to put punctuation marks, correct expressions without distorting the main idea and rid the text of “garbage”.

The finished version is a detailed recording of the conversations of the participants. Thanks to this, each of the readers can get acquainted with what is happening, form a personal opinion and restore the sequence of the meeting.

Where are transcribed texts used?

If it seems to you that transcribing an audio recording into text is necessary in rare cases, you are mistaken. In fact, converting audio to a more usable format is a highly demanded service that is successfully provided by transcription specialists.

To make sure that this activity is profitable, it is worth examining the list of options where the converted text is necessary:

  1. YouTube platform. YouTube channel creators strive to provide information to as many people as possible. To do this, you need to create subtitles that allow users to read what the video is about.
  2. Documentation. Creating algorithms for communicating with clients or developing new rules for employees is closely related to transcription. The recording of telephone conversations or business meetings converted to text allows you to improve the work of companies and organizations.
  3. Video conversion. Courses, trainings and other educational videos bring profit to the platforms, so the creators are trying to simplify access to information. Transcription programs do not allow you to convey the meaning, so the channels are looking for a reliable employee.

The scope of transcribed texts is quite diverse. Sometimes the results of the work are used for subsequent translation into other languages. In addition, the scrolling text in the videos allows you to get information with the sound turned off. Since the program for translating voice to text does not work perfectly, specialists will not be left without customer requests for a long time.

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