TOP 7 most ridiculous phrases about copywriting

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The content of the company’s website is created by copywriters, whose services cannot be cheap. But for some reason, the majority believes that this is a fictional fact and has nothing to do with reality. In fact, cheap copywriting is a beautiful name for rewriting, which does not carry any value.

The reason for the high cost of authors’ services is easily explained. To work on the text, it is not enough to write a description of the product or service. It is necessary to work out a portrait of a potential buyer and find suitable arguments. In order not to end up with a broken trough after ordering, you should forget about common myths.

Phrase #1: Copywriting is cheap

Those who support this idea are accustomed to being content with little. Using existing articles and changing them beyond recognition is not real copywriting. Professionals call such work deep rewriting. How to identify low-quality copyright? This is evidenced by the following:

The combination of these shortcomings removes the article from true creative copywriting. Such texts are not useful, and conversion rates are gradually decreasing.

Phrase #2: A copywriter should be able to do everything

Work on the text is associated not only with writing articles, but also with many other materials from Runet. Slogans, poems and product names are not included in the list of duties of a copywriter. To create such content, it is necessary to attract specialists who do this at a professional level. Otherwise, this makes no sense.

The preparation of advertising texts requires certain knowledge from the field. The lack of experience and skills causes a decrease in the popularity of a brand or company. The creators of slogans only indirectly come into contact with the topic of copywriting, since the tasks of specialists differ significantly.

Phrase No. 3: “smart books” allow you to become a copywriter

A rich vocabulary and the ability to use words in the right place is achieved through reading various literature, including fiction. But in fact, this alone will not be enough. To learn how to become a copywriter, you should not be led by sellers of low-grade trainings and lessons.

Manipulation of information suggests that the author of the course knows little about the topic. The work of a copywriter is not a simple selection of words, but the following tasks:

Unique articles for the site become unique thanks to the combination of several skills. It will also fail to convince the reader of the need to use services or purchase goods without understanding the basics of psychology and marketing. In a word, do not confuse copywriters with erudite authors.

Phrase number 4: copywriting exchanges allow you to find a professional

Often, the search for an author begins with studying the profiles of freelancers, but these efforts do not bring the desired result. Of course, you can find an employee on the stock exchange, but there is no question of professionalism. The reason for this lies in the fact that copywriters can not only sell other people’s products, but also themselves.

Unique texts from scratch can be written by a beginner, but this does not guarantee the desired result. To achieve the goal, you need to gain practical experience, learn how to develop a marketing proposal and make it attractive to the buyer.

Collaboration with regular customers allows you to deeply study the topic and hone your skills. Working with different customers makes this task more complex and time-consuming. Experienced copywriters try to work outside the exchanges and they do it very well. Beginners are increasingly placing profiles on such services.

Phrase #5: A copywriter creates unique texts

Copywriting of articles is, first of all, selling content. Yes, it is unique, but the main task of the texts is not at all in this. Filling the site allows not only to get acquainted with potential buyers, but also to earn their trust and attention.

Commercial texts are created taking into account the selling concept and are an important part of it. To develop an approach, a person uses his life experience and analyzes the data that is already available on the sites. All this allows you to write texts that sell goods and services.

Phrase #6: Advertising Copywriting

Philologists will surely notice a tautology here, and beginners can hardly understand where in this phrase there is a repetition. The thing is that “advertising copywriting” does not exist. Writing texts to promote pages and services is advertising. The presence of such phrases in the job description indicates that the candidate cannot boast of professionalism.

Recruiters make the same mistake, but in this case, you can turn a blind eye to it. Although there may be misunderstandings in the process. The lack of knowledge that relates directly to the field of activity is a gross mistake that remained relevant and widespread for a long time.

Phrase #7: Copyright

An equally common mistake is the mention of the word “copyright” on individual freelance sites. The authors offer to order services from them, but one word demonstrates their attitude towards their work. Copywriters are by nature letterheads, so the use of this term in this context is impossible.

“Copyright” is an icon that indicates that the rights to use the text are legally secured. Prepared content can be used exclusively by the author, and when quoting, you must indicate the name of the owner. In fact, unique texts for a site have nothing to do with copyright.

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