Copywriter Profile: Design Tips for Newbies

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A rookie copywriter resume is the first thing a potential customer will look at when choosing a contractor for their tasks. It should briefly describe the skills, knowledge, skills and achievements. The text is simple and clear, free of grammatical errors. With the help of a portfolio, it is much easier to convince the customer that he is in front of a real professional who can easily complete any task.

A portfolio for copywriting is necessary, as employers do not agree to cooperate with a beginner without seeing his basic skills. You need to demonstrate your skills, and the easiest way to do this is to write a resume.

copywriter resume

Personal information

How can a copywriter create a portfolio? Authors are creative people who can design a resume using a creative approach. But there are also standard points – information that should not be overlooked.

  1. Greetings. You can say hello to a future reader, introduce yourself, one sentence will be enough for an introduction (you can also add a personal photo).
  2. An experience work. If the specialization corresponds to the future field of employment, you can indicate a specific direction – a copywriter, editor, and so on.
  3. Skills. In this section, indicate the ability to correct and edit texts, knowledge of the main trends in marketing, the ability to promote articles (you can list).
  4. Education. Higher, secondary special, additional courses and certificates will be an advantage for a specialist.

Your resume should include the type of work you would like to do. This is the time when you can answer calls and messages, work and have no other plans. It is also worth designating weekends (Saturday-Sunday or another day of the week).

Portfolio Benefits

How to make a quality portfolio copywriter? You should come up with a convincing text that will not leave indifferent any customer. For registration, you can use a mini-case. In the description – set a task, propose solutions and show the result that the customer received (these include an increase in traffic, an increase in conversion, etc.).

Copywriter portfolio: how to arrange? This is the main question of interest to beginners. The portfolio should contain works that have the same specialization. If your goal is to write sales content, do not add texts in other styles as examples. It is important for the customer to see your professionalism in a particular area of copywriting.

Adding works

How to make a quality portfolio copywriter

If you are creating a profile on a specific site (e.g. eTXT), use the dedicated tools to add your articles. So customers will be able to get acquainted with them in a convenient format and make a choice in your favor.

On the exchange, you need to create a profile, and then select the link “add work to portfolio”. A form will open in front of you to fill out. In it, indicate the type of work, subject project – for this, it is enough to tick the desired checkbox.

It remains to indicate the title of the article, a summary and insert the entire text into the field provided for this. If your article is already published on the site, you can ask the customer for permission to use the link publications to add to portfolio.

For those who are trying themselves as a copywriter for the first time and do not have published work, another option is suitable. Choose any topic, write a short article and publish it on a free portal. It remains to add a link to the resume. Now you know how to make a portfolio of a copywriter, who will be immediately noticed and offered cooperation.

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