Features of UX copywriting, or How to write articles for mobile applications

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Writing articles for web resources is different from preparing content for mobile applications. The author needs to adapt to the features of the devices and continue to motivate readers to study the proposed text. In addition, it is worth considering the rules of mobile typography, which affect the convenience while reading.

Due to these reasons, a new direction of copywriting has appeared – UX texts. To create relevant articles, you need to take into account changes in the rules for submitting information and gain user trust. So that novice copywriters do not have problems, it is worth studying the features of the new direction.

How to write articles for mobile applications Important characteristics of texts for mobile devices

Work on a new format of texts is carried out taking into account the requirements of customers. The interests of the audience still play a key role, so the text for a mobile application is an important component of proper communication. To create materials, it is necessary to take into account several features of such articles:

  1. Screen size. Creating content for websites allows you to develop your own storytelling system. However, in the case of mobile resources, it will have to be abandoned. The screen size of a smartphone is much smaller, and this should be taken into account when writing.
  2. Reading speed. Often, users skim through the content of the article, and the intonations placed are of little interest to them. For this reason, highlighting important elements in italics or bold is used. The first experiments will bring excellent results.
  3. Concentration of attention. The first and last paragraphs of the text play a decisive role. Motivating the reader to action allows the placement of important information at the beginning and end of the article. According to analysts, this should be given maximum attention when writing.

The interface of the resource and the way information is presented matter when preparing a project. Designing the appearance of pages that does not take into account the choice of device does not achieve the desired goal. For this reason, the list of requirements for the author includes following the rules for writing UX texts for the application.

Basic rules for writing texts for applications

The main task of copywriters is to interest readers with an offer to purchase a product or order services. To achieve the goal, you need to create separate blocks and avoid “water”. Thus, the interest of the public will remain high, and the application will be in demand among customers.

To achieve the goal, it is necessary to take into account several key rules that will allow you to create a high-quality design for the application pages. In order for mobile text to remain an effective communication tool, adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Text formatting. Using lists and small blocks will make it easier to get acquainted with the information. It is also worth using italics, bold and underlining words in especially important places in the text.
  2. Conciseness. The fewer words you use for explanations, the better it is for the reader’s perception. In addition, it will be easier for the designer to create a project for placing information on the page.
  3. Quality content. The value added by text in a blog or app remains an important element. Keep the meaning and get rid of false words. Make sure the language is easy to understand and there are no complex terms.

The usability of text for a mobile application consists of several components, and each of them plays an important role. The absence of one element reduces the level of emotion that readers receive. Responsible attitude to work on the text will allow you to maintain the functionality of the materials no matter what.

When creating articles for applications, you should rely on the experience of experts and their advice. You won’t have to look for effective recommendations if you analyze several texts in different applications. Thus, it will be possible to find certain patterns in a short time.

Conducting training will allow you to find the answer to the main question: “How to write texts for mobile applications?”. Breathing life into the created design layout will allow compliance with the rules and recommendations.

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