Content Matrix: what it is and how to work with it

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The Content Matrix is a tool by which marketers can easily find new topics to post. It needs to be compiled months in advance, gradually adapting to the existing marketing strategy. You will forget that fresh ideas can end – the content plan will be drawn up for several months (from three to 12) in advance.

The content matrix does not have the same clear structure as the plan. It does not contain specific dates, formats, these are ideas that will help provide readers with relevant information in articles.

How to create a content matrix

How to create a content matrix

To create a content matrix, you must enter the necessary information in a table or a selected template. But first you need to select the data that will help for further work. These include:

  1. Target audience portrait. If you work in the b2b and b2c segment, you will need clear information about buyers: place of work, residence, interests, hobbies, “pains” and much more. To collect data, questionnaires or online surveys published on the pages of the site, as well as information from forums on the relevant topic, are suitable.
  2. Content goals. Determine what you need articles for – purchase motivation, newsletter subscription, document downloads, conversion increase, contact with customers, registration on the site, and so on.
  3. How to get content. How do you communicate with clients most often? If these are e-mails, you should create text suitable for mailing. If the client independently contacts company representatives, you can motivate him with the help of advertising on the forums or the official website.
  4. Content format. If in the article you talk about the company and its type of activity, you can create posts for social networks and other thematic texts. When it comes to competitive advantages, use video reviews, guides. As a call to action, regular mailings (in messengers or by e-mail), posts are suitable.
  5. Content subject. To find suitable topics, you need to analyze competitor sites, regularly monitor trending search queries, and conduct online surveys. It remains to find out which category of customers will be interested in the chosen direction and how to attract users to purchase.

The final step will be filling in the business matrix on the Internet. Create a table that highlights the stages a consumer goes through before making a purchase. This is the number of columns that can be specified in Excel or an online service for generating tables.

Content Matrix: The example for the first row is simple, it’s a “customer profile”. The names of the other column headings are stages of the customer journey. In each cell, you should indicate the goals, the method for creating a trusting relationship with the buyer, the format of the articles and the topics for them. Content ideas are filled in at the very end.

Generating Content Ideas

To create a content matrix

The most popular version of an idea for online stores is a description of goods and services. These include technical specifications, types of materials that are used to create products, lead times, and so on.

If we are talking about the content matrix for Instagram, you can offer brief instructions, video reviews. For example, a company sells tea, you can offer users brewing methods, product varieties.

Identify customer problems and offer a relevant and simple solution. An easy way is to refer to the page with the most popular questions from users, such an idea for articles may appeal to potential buyers.

The content marketing matrix can contain items about the company – interesting facts, the history of the company’s creation, and much more. Users interested in cooperation will be happy to get acquainted with such information.

It is a mistake to rewrite articles that appear in the top of the issue. Content should contain brand-specific information that will benefit the firm’s customers.

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