How to write posts on Instagram

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Now the popularity of social networks is off the charts. Many people use applications not only for personal communication, but also for business. You will be able to achieve incredibly fast promotion of your own brand if you know how to write a post on Instagram. Correctly composed texts will help increase conversion and take your business to the next level.

The importance of writing texts on Instagram is due to the fact that this kind of mini-articles attracts attention. According to statistics, 85% of compatriots will read a short text, supported by a bright image. Your followers will become many times more, so it is worth studying the information on how to learn how to write posts on Instagram.

Pros of posts

The advantages of writing texts for this social network are as follows:

  1. Content helps you make a purchase decision. You will not be able to explain to a person the advantages that he will receive from ordering a product personally. Therefore, the usual marketing methods will not work. The text will tell you everything for you.
  2. Posts show that you are an expert in your field, cause customer loyalty.
  3. The information will help to realize the desire to receive a new product and leave a positive feedback.
  4. Posts will help for additional sales.
  5. Content is the main information that users see. These should be attractive and concise texts that inspire complete confidence in the seller.

написания текстов в Инстаграме

Understanding how to write an Instagram post will help you attract a new target audience. The blog will become popular, and you will monetize it.

Writing guidelines for beginners

Users who are just starting a business do not know how to beautifully write a new post on Instagram. The best texts that readers will like will cause them positive emotions and will become an incentive for additional like.

Avoid mistakes, incorrect declension of words. The post should contain punctuation marks in the required parts of the text. If you use abbreviations, decipher each letter so as not to cause confusion.

You need to create a unique style and stick to it while presenting your thoughts. It will become your business card, so that users will immediately recognize the brand when a new post appears in the news feed.

How to write interesting posts on Instagram? Not everyone can correctly and beautifully formulate their own thoughts, but this is no problem. There are many portals on the web where copywriters work. Start working with a freelancer who will create unique texts for you. An alternative method is to buy ready-made posts tailored for your business.

Types of texts

Marketers offer several types of content that are well received by users on the web:

Informational texts are needed to build the reputation of your brand, to close the knowledge gap on a specific topic. Readers will learn everything about your products and will be able to highlight the main benefits that they will receive after the purchase. The main purpose of posts is to attract attention and increase the audience by using a rational system of thinking.

Как писать в инстаграме продающие статьи

How to write selling articles on Instagram? To compile them, you can use the following formula: offer + limited time + call to action. They are needed to build a sales funnel. The purpose of the texts is to increase earnings.

Entertaining texts will help pass the time and get positive emotions. So clients will know that in front of them is not a robot, but a living person with whom it is a lot of fun.

The fourth type of content includes several ways of presenting information. You need to use your own style to write interesting content, pick up themed pictures and enjoy the growing popularity of the blog.

How to choose a theme?

What do you need to write in Instagram posts? To do this, you need to clearly present a portrait of the target audience. By identifying the main “pains”, desires, the language spoken by users, you can create interesting and attractive texts.

Do not forget that you can deviate from the topic of the brand and write about what excites you. If the topic hooks up with potential customers and they agree with your thoughts, you will have an unprecedented success. But there are also such directions that are popular at any time:

  1. Motivational quotes for inspiration. Add an appropriate picture to them that will hook the client, and likes are guaranteed.
  2. Announcements of publications that have been posted on other information resources. Especially if it’s a popular blog or a cool business site.
  3. Step-by-step instructions or simple tips for solving popular problems. Readers will bookmark them on their smartphone and share with friends.
  4. Ratings. You can create your own list of the best food for an evening out with friends or favorite places in town.

How to write an interesting post on Instagram? Clients will want to know where your business started. You can also mention what was the incentive for creating an Instagram page. But not it is worth writing a canvas of text. Longreads are not welcome in Insta, so make a separate post for each item. A few paragraphs on the topic, an attractive headline, and a stylish font will help increase your popularity.

Как писать посты для инстаграм

Interesting life hacks will also become very popular. How to write such posts for Instagram? You can offer controversial questions and answers to them, myths that “stuck” in the head of many people and their refutation.

Invite subscribers to express their own opinion on your product or any other topic. Mention holidays that are celebrated in your home country or another country on that day. But the main thing that will attract the attention of many readers is sincerity and honesty. This way you can increase the number of subscribers and make the brand the most popular in the market.

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