How to Write Cooking Recipes: Useful Tips for Copywriters

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Each housewife wants to please her family with a new dish. Therefore, the popularity of recipes on the network does not fall. It`s worth noting that writing a recipe for a copywriter can be quite a daunting task. This is due to the fact that the text should not only be unique, but also truthful.

The finished article should increase the popularity and ranking of the site, be highly rated by search robots and please the readers. Therefore, it is worth following the listed rules of writing a recipe in order to create quality content with a well- structured structure for any blog.


We need to start with a short introduction. In it, describe everything that relates to the chosen dish: interesting facts, the history of its creation, a description of the taste and aromatic qualities. But don`t start with the composition and characteristics of the individual ingredients.

Как писать кулинарные рецепты

Tip for describing unusual dishes or recipes from the cuisine of other countries: describe the terms that occur in them. These include:

There is no need to stretch the introduction to the entire sheet; it will be enough to write a few sentences. If the recipe is too complicated and the copywriter spends a lot of time creating the text, the introduction may not have enough imagination – then it can be omitted.

Cooking time and composition

How to write delicious lyrics? Mention how long the dish takes to cook. In this case, you need to allocate time that is spent on preparation. Some recipes indicate information about the ratio of BJU and the number of servings. Next, you should indicate the entire list of ingredients. For this, tables or bulleted lists are used.

Next to each component, you need to indicate the volume. To achieve high uniqueness, many change the numbers, but this does not need to be done. Indicate the weight in grams or milliliters, try not to use measures in glasses or spoons.

Cooking in a few steps

How to write a recipe correctly? In the process of writing, you need to sequentially list all the actions. To do this, indicate the order of adding ingredients and a list of kitchen utensils and appliances that may come in handy. Lack of such data can lead to misunderstandings on the part of the reader.

The culinary articles and recipes add various terms. They should not be misleading. When it comes to spices, do not change them in the process of writing to “sauces”.

To make it clear to the reader what is at stake, add pictures. These include photos during preparation. These are not necessarily high-quality studio photos – just pictures taken in the home kitchen while cooking.

How to write a recipe conclusion? Choose what this dish is in harmony with best, how to set the table before serving. You can specify which drinks will go well with the prepared culinary masterpiece.

Recipe writing style

Many recipes are written in a business style. It is used in cookbooks or booklets. Similar texts can be found on sites with relevant topics. There is no water in the article, no emotional description – just a step-by-step instruction without further ado.

To create more “live” text that will appeal to your readers, you need to choose a conversational style. The article will include interesting digressions, your own opinion about the dish and cooking experience. Authors fill personal blogs with similar content about food.

как пишут рецепты

Before starting to create materials, the author should clarify in which style it is better to write. It is also worth knowing the “portrait” of the target audience, so as not to be mistaken with the chosen form of writing.

How to come up with a title

It is not enough to know how to write a recipe for a dish, you need to come up with an appropriate name. Any headline should be catchy. After reading, the user should want to read the recipe and prepare the proposed dish. But do not include the ingredients in the title, as this will be the beginning of the recipe. Instead of “Compote of apples and grapes” indicate “Compote that will remind you of summer”.

For headings, epithets not related to cooking are not suitable, such as “exquisite”, “chic” and others. It is best to use a description of the taste, type or technical aspects of cooking: “Cheesecakes in 15 minutes”, “Beer pancakes in English”.

You can write in both first and third person, this does not affect the quality of the text. You can check this information with the customer. Don`t forget to check the recipe from the source. This will help avoid misunderstandings or incorrect weighting of each ingredient.

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