How to find a copywriter for a website

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Good copy is needed not only for websites, but also for social networks, commercial offers, e-mail newsletters, landing pages, etc. If the company has taken a course towards online promotion, then the availability of high-quality text content is not discussed. It’s good when the company has a person capable of writing competent material. If not, then a reasonable question arises – where to find copywriters?

Finding a specialist in texts is not a problem today. However, before entering into an agreement with the author, you need to answer yourself a few questions:

  1. One-time work or long-term cooperation. Where to find a good copywriter for a one-time order fulfillment is a question that can be resolved very quickly: for this there are freelance exchanges, content studios, groups on social networks, etc. But as far as long-term cooperation is concerned, you can think of a full-time employee.
  2. The language of writing texts. If you need materials in a foreign language, it is better to pay attention to native-speaking authors: this way you don’t have to hire a translator, and the risk of getting text with errors is reduced.
  3. Experienced writer or newbie. If the quality of the text is in the first place, then you need to carefully approach the question of how to find a good copywriter. These can be both specialized resources and copywriting agencies.

If you know what task you set for yourself and the performer, then the question of where to find copywriters will be solved much faster. But let’s consider several options for sites where to look for performers.

Freelance exchanges: advantages and disadvantages

Content exchanges act as an intermediary between the customer and the contractor: one needs texts, the other can write them. Many business owners, when faced with the question of where to look for a copywriter, often turn to such sites.

On almost all exchanges, you can get acquainted with the portfolios of authors, read reviews about their work, see the rating and compare prices. But usually the cost of the work is set by the customer, and there it is already by agreement.

How to find a copywriter for a website on the content exchange:

  1. Register on the platform as a client.
  2. Fund your account in your personal account, as many exchanges charge a certain amount of money as a commission for placing orders.
  3. Submit the terms of reference.

However, there are many nuances on freelance exchanges that can be attributed to both pluses and minuses. Several thousand performers have gathered on these sites. Therefore, the task of how to find a copywriter can be complicated, because there may be several responses to the project, from which you will need to choose the most suitable author. Many exchanges, when registering performers, offer them to take a test of knowledge of the Russian language. This reduces the risk of getting text with many errors.

The main plus is the low cost per work. But this is more of a plus for customers than for copywriters. But you can solve the controversial issue by contacting the site administration.

The disadvantages include just the above-mentioned commission for the publication of assignments and the opportunity to get to an incompetent author. At the same time, these are content sites where you can quickly find a copywriter at a low price.

Job Sites

This option is relevant when customers are looking for an author for permanent cooperation. Here you can already find a highly specialized specialist writing on a particular topic (finance, medicine, jurisprudence, etc.). This is important because many employers need an author who understands the topic, and does not superficially study information on the Internet.

The disadvantages of job sites are the lack of ratings and reviews of the performer’s work. In addition, sometimes published vacancies may not be relevant: they were simply forgotten to be removed from publication.

Popular sites where you can find copywriters for work:

On these sites, you can find employees both in the office and for remote work. Plus the profession of a copywriter – you can work from anywhere in the world. The main thing is the ability to be in touch with the customer and the availability of knowledge and skills in work.

Portfolio sites for copywriters

Another opportunity where to find copywriters is specialist portfolio sites. Experienced copywriters in most cases have their own sites – landing pages or traditional versions of web resources.

Here you can find:

Professional copywriters in such a portfolio, in addition to regular contacts, leave links to pages on social networks. But it is not always possible to check the reliability of the same reviews or finished works: there is an unspoken rule – when publishing reviews and examples of written texts, hide the client’s name. However, reputable copywriters will not publish reviews written by friends in their portfolio.

Therefore, a portfolio site is a great opportunity where to find a good copywriter.

Search for an artist through groups in social networks

Now on social networks, many groups have been created with vacancies about work, including freelance. To do this, it is enough to drive a key query into the search bar, and the system will display several links to groups and ads.

How to choose a copywriter on a social network? You can either independently post a vacancy with requirements, or find published resumes in groups and contact the contractor. It is worth noting that in many groups and public places the posting of vacancies is paid.

Both experienced copywriters and newbies can respond to the posted ad. Already in personal correspondence, you can agree on the terms of cooperation and payment. Sometimes customers offer to complete a test task. But you need to be prepared for the fact that an experienced copywriter is unlikely to agree to do it for free (in most cases, test tasks are free). Minimum – agree for half the price, maximum – ask to pay in full for the text.

Of the minuses – there is a possibility that after payment (if you agreed to an advance payment), the performer may disappear. Therefore, it is better to ask for recommendations, the same portfolio with reviews.

Collaboration with content studios

Perhaps the most common option where copywriters can be found. Copywriting agencies offer a wider range of services – from writing original texts to translating them into a foreign language.

Cooperating with the agency, the customer can be sure that the project will be delivered on time. If the copywriter goes on vacation, gets sick, or goes on free bread, the task will be transferred to another author. Studios value their reputation, so they will not only find a replacement, but also deliver the project to the customer on time. If you are faced with a problem of how to find a good copywriter, we advise you to contact the agency «Fabrika Slov».

The main advantages of cooperation with a content studio:

  1. Possibility to conclude a contract for the provision of services.
  2. Availability of an editor on staff who will check the text for errors and compliance with the TOR or brief.
  3. The agency employs a team of authors, which allows you to replace one performer with another or involve several copywriters in the implementation of a large task.
  4. Optimal price for services. True, higher than the market value, but lower than independently working authors.

As you can see, today the question of where to look for competent copywriters is not a problem. It is enough to decide on the goal and budget.

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