Using Numbers in Headings and Text: Doing it Right

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Copywriters create compelling texts because they use some of the rules they know. This is not about semicolons, but about the ability to use digital characters for the benefit of the material. Bringing statistics and numbers inspires the required credibility, which is the basis for the company’s sales.

Rules for writing numbers in headings

To correctly apply skills, you need to remember not only the rules, but also why use numbers in headings. This approach greatly simplifies the perception of the text by the brain, and after reading, there is a feeling of talking with a friend who offers his help in solving the problem.

Numbers and headings: the benefits of using

Writing informational and sales texts requires not only studying the interests of readers, but also providing reliable data. Neglect of the use of numbers negatively affects the results of the placement of the description. There are several good reasons to use titles with numbers:

  1. To attract attention. The use of numbers and numerical values in headings suggests that the author has done a little research. He knows exactly what he is talking about, and this attracts the attention of the audience.
  2. Simplification of perception. Pages that contain text in the “sheet” format seem boring and useless. The presence of numbers in the material completely changes the perception of the material. Reading this article is interesting.
  3. Text structuring. The less time it takes to read, the better for readers. Companies need to “force” to read the article and generate interest. Heading numbers and lists help with this task.

There is no doubt that compelling copy gets more leads and attention from buyers. The response rate for such articles is 15% higher because readers get more useful information than without the use of digital data.

Rules for writing numbers in headings: what you need to know

The use of numeric values in headings raises some questions. But by adhering to the rules of how to correctly write numbers in headlines, you will be able to forget about doubts and difficulties:

  1. Numbers are best written in numbers. For a simple perception of the text, it is necessary to refuse to replace numerical data with words. Thus, reading the headline with a convenient view will take less time.
  2. Large numbers are used without zeros. If the text needs to indicate the cost or total profit, it is better to replace the zeros with an abbreviation. Instead of 10,000,000, write 10 million.
  3. Range designation with a dash. The temptation to write “from 1 to 9” instead of using “1-9” is strong enough, but this spelling is correct. The exception is the range, where numbers with a negative value are indicated.

The beginning of the title with a number is allowed, but only if the number is indicated in the nominative case. Otherwise, you need to replace the numerical value with words and number the enumeration correctly. This makes the text easier to read.

Tricks related to numbers in text

The numbers in the title of the article attract attention and interest readers. But it is worth using a few life hacks that will help you add numbers to the text without harming the content. For example, too large numbers can cause rejection. Reading such material requires a lot of time, and not every reader is ready to afford it.

Round numbers do not inspire the necessary confidence in the author. In such cases, it is better to either refrain from mentioning, or make the number “wrong”. If you want to say that the number of repeat customers is 9,000, it’s better to choose a less “correct” value. Don’t forget about spaces.

The indication of the price allows the reader to determine how the offer corresponds to the request. But even in this case there are tricks. If we are talking about the sale of budget goods, you can use numbers with tenths. The sale of luxury products requires the use of round values.

The numbers in the headings can be divided into smaller values, but it is worth keeping the meaning of what was said. The fraud that will be revealed when using the services is unlikely to benefit the reputation and the company as a whole. Numbers are not only “dry statistics”, but also a way to control the opinion of the audience.

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