What is storytelling?

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If you are not a writer or screenwriter, then writing a beautiful story about yourself or a company will not work. Does this sound familiar? Contrary to popular belief, almost anyone can create a story. A little fantasy, some facts, a pinch of humor are enough – and you’re done. But be that as it may, writing an exciting, interesting story is akin to art. Storytelling is great engaging content that is successfully used not only by bloggers on their social media pages, but also by companies.

What is storytelling

A good story should capture and catch on from the first words, evoking positive emotions in the reader and a desire to hear the story started to the end. This type of content is actively used in:

At its core, storytelling is a technique aimed at attracting buyers, readers, customers and potential partners. It was invented by David Armstrong. The basis of this method is human psychological factors: a story based on personal experience is easier to remember.

The main difference between storytelling and traditional history is that this method has a specific goal, thought out in advance by the author.

The purpose and purpose of storytelling

Storytelling for any business area is an opportunity to effectively convey information to the consumer. The main tasks of this type of content include:

The purpose and purpose of storytelling

The result of a well-written storytelling is attracting and holding the reader’s attention. This type of content also requires a structure, which includes:

If we talk about goals, then storytelling is entertainment, selling, training and the desire to share existing experience and successes with your audience. Such content is able to evoke emotions in people, inspire and stimulate for a specific targeted action. And if we talk about business, then such an approach not only humanizes the product or brand, but also promotes it.

Types and formats of storytelling

Storytelling technology, regardless of the scope, is a fairly popular type of content. Recently, bloggers, beauty industry masters, online stores and other companies have been actively using it to attract and engage subscribers. But depending on the scope of business and the purpose of the application, the following types of storytelling are distinguished:

  1. Cultural. In such stories, great emphasis is placed on cultural values ​​and morality. Issues of faith and religion may also be raised.
  2. Social. Information in this case can be presented as a rumor. When reading or listening to a story, different emotions may appear – from grief to joy, but at the same time the same information is perceived in its own way.
  3. Family. Success stories of their ancestors or immediate family members also play well. And if there is a place for mysticism, fatal love or other unusual facts, then the interest in such a story increases several times.
  4. Inexplicable. The information presented can cause fear and interest in the listener at the same time. At the same time, it is not possible to check the reliability of the facts.

As you can see, storytelling is not just an essay on a free theme, and you need to approach it with responsibility, because details play an important role here.

storytelling types

The story can be presented both in text format and in video format. By the way, the latter goes very well on social networks.

What techniques are used to write storytelling?

Anyway, writing a story is a special kind of creativity. But at the same time, the storytelling process itself takes place using various techniques. These are the so-called:

The last option is very often used in books, films and TV series: at the beginning of the plot, the ending of the story is shown, and then we are returned to the original moment.

Before choosing a writing technique, you need to analyze your audience and understand which format is more suitable for it and your product in general. After all, what is storytelling? The opportunity to show the audience how it all began, what obstacles and difficulties were on the way to the goal.

A beautifully written story, even when it comes to business, always attracts attention. The main thing is to be sincere and honest in front of your audience, not to be afraid to show your mistakes and mistakes, which ultimately led to success.

Knowing what storytelling is, what types and techniques are, this method will help diversify a blog on a website or an account on a social network. And you can entrust the writing of the story to our copywriters.

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