What is SMM-copywriting?

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Social marketing, also known as SMM (Social Media Marketing), is one of the areas of Internet marketing that works to attract customers from social networks. It appeared relatively recently – 3-4 years ago. However, it has already gained incredible momentum, since here not only the text matters, but also the visual. An SMM copywriter is engaged in writing texts for accounts, groups, pages in social networks. We will talk about what social marketing is and what an SMM copywriter is in our material.

Writing text content for a social network is a little more difficult than writing an article for a website. Why is that? To write a post to an account or a group on a social network, you need to know the target audience and speak its language. Dry texts are not interesting to anyone. And it is not always necessary to write an Instagram post for all 2,200 characters. Sometimes a couple of catchy phrases and a cool video or photo are enough.

In SMM, it is very important to build trust with subscribers, and only then sell. The first and foremost task of an SMM marketer is to make friends with the audience.

Strategy is very important in SMM. Only after thinking it through, you can start creating a page and filling it with content. The strategy consists of such points as:

Based on this, we can conclude that a SMM copywriter is a person who can not only create texts, but also think over the entire strategy of maintaining an account on a social network.

SMM copywriter for Instagram

When Instagram appeared in our country, most of the users used this social network as an opportunity to share photos and videos. However, over time, photos of food, cute cats and photos from the “How I spent the weekend” series have been replaced by more conscious content. Accounts of shops, beauty salons and other goods and services began to appear. And, of course, there was a need for professional texts that would help attract new subscribers, sell and promote. But not all business owners fully understood what an SMM copywriter is and what his services are for.

Today it is one of the best platforms for online business promotion. Therefore, it is not surprising that many began to think about the question of what an SMM marketer is.

The following requirements are imposed on a copywriter dealing with content on this social network:

  1. Laconicism. An Instagram copywriter should be able to write capacious, short texts, which will enclose the whole essence of the company’s proposal.
  2. Creativity. Ability to write “viral” posts that will be repost and spread by subscribers is a plus.
  3. Relevance. Knowledge of trends is a must have for an SMM-specialist, because this is the first component of success. For example, not so long ago, the endless tape was popular. Today it is already “the last century”. And at the peak of popularity – live broadcasts and Stories.
  4. Good taste. Writing a text is half the battle, but not everyone can choose the appropriate image for it. Harmonious visuals also play a big role in account management.
  5. Performance. One post is not enough for an account. At least 2-3 posts should be issued per day. A month – 30-45. Those. the copywriter should not only write the text for publication, but also think over the topic, what to write about next time. A pre-written content plan will help a lot with this.

When hiring a copywriter for Instagram, you need to request a portfolio from him, where you can see examples of work. Particular emphasis should be placed on viral and selling content.

SMM copywriter for maintaining pages on Facebook and VKontakte

We found out what an SMM copywriter is. But besides this social network, there are two more, which today are also excellent platforms for running and promoting business on the network – these are VKontakte and Facebook. Now it is important to understand what an SMM box is for these social networks.

Unlike Instagram, there is a more extensive list of features here. So, if short texts are better for Instagram, then on VKontakte and Facebook you can create more voluminous posts. Polls, sweepstakes, promotions and other activities go well.

Likes, reposts and comments are more welcome here. However, such activity is important for any social network – so you can understand that you are not trying in vain, and that a hired copywriter-marketer is not a budget drain.

For these social networks, a clear technical specification with a detailed goal is important, since SMMs often see the task in their own way. Describe the target audience, because it depends on which tone-of-voice to apply, which themes will be better served.

Understanding what an SMM marketer and copywriter is, you can find a competent specialist who will do everything to make the brand recognizable and popular.

By the way, our agency Fabrika Slov employs copywriters who can write not only text for the site, but also capacious, interesting posts for a social network.

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