The 5 Best Copywriters in the World

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The increased attention to copywriting is due to the transition to new sales strategies. Changes in the market led to the emergence of a direction that remains relevant to this day. Company owners and sellers of goods are still interested in cooperation not with stock exchanges, but with the best authors.

It takes some time for novice content-makers to find suitable examples. Stories of successful copywriters don’t appear on search engine pages very often. Most of the names may be unknown, but their work has flashed in front of you more often than not.

It is not at all necessary to abandon your style of persuasion in favor of suggested and proven methods. Most copywriters can find their way to success and make the most of that decision. 

Looking for the right role model is difficult enough. Nevertheless, the best writers are eager to share tips with beginners and pros. Every reader who has decided to read the top best copywriters in the world can take advantage of the professionals’ tips.

David Ogilvy and his secrets of success

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The Englishman got into the idea of copywriting quite late: at that time he was 39 years old. The accumulated experience and baggage of knowledge allowed the author to quickly become famous and receive the honorary title of “Best Copywriter”. The creator of advertising texts is still the leader of the industry.

His work began with promoting the products of several well-known companies (Harthway, Schweppes, American Express). You can learn more about his suggested ways of selling from his book, The Theory and Practice of Selling Ovens. Ogilvy’s approach appeals to today’s copywriters, because the phrases never lose relevance.

Among the key features of David’s supervised advertising campaigns are:

  1. Consumer response research. The search for successful slogans will not bring the desired result without studying the consumer’s opinion. Effective promotion depends on customer reactions, so efforts should be directed toward improving the experience.
  2. Creating a holistic brand image. The company should be recognizable, because the effectiveness of advertising depends on it. The success of many brands is based on the fact that they managed to create a single coherent image and fix a slogan for their products.
  3. Falsehood is repulsive. Once a consumer notices a brand’s dishonesty, you can forget about popularity. Creating false advertising no longer pays off, but it also alienates potential customers.

Using aggression to sell products leads to lower profits. Greater results can be achieved with well-meaning texts.

Print Prince Gary Halbert

Famous copywriters who use email newsletters to promote services owe it to Gary Halbert. The method of targeted marketing brought him fame. The transfer of knowledge to other copywriters took place in several ways. 

You can get acquainted with the guru’s recommendations by studying published materials on the Internet. Free access to useful information will allow a new perspective on copywriting. In addition to this method, Printed Prince has held a copywriting training course.

Gary Halbert convinced authors that creativity doesn’t always pay off. Creative writers can’t accomplish the main task, which is to sell products or services. Extraordinary approach does not pay off, so you should hold your horses and reduce the degree of creativity in the articles.

Multimillionaire Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy turned copywriting into a new line of business which is why the best copywriters of the world listen to his opinion. Consulting on business opportunities has made the author a multimillionaire. It is said that the businessman never managed to give up writing completely.

The approach to copywriting is based on breaking existing rules. In this case, it’s about being able to reveal the features of the offer, taking into account the preferences of the Runet audience. Since every product is unique, it’s not that difficult to find special features.

The copywriting industry has changed under the influence of Kennedy. The most in-demand and best copywriter focuses on the fact that it is up to business owners themselves to master the art of creating sales texts. No one can tell about the features of the product better than the direct creator.

Take note of the advice of a popular business consultant will be able to readers of his book. He shares his recommendations for creating the perfect sales letter and provides a step-by-step algorithm. The story of how to attract and profitably use it can be implemented in your work today.

American author Gary Bensinweng

Famous contemporary copywriters held Gary Bensinweng in high regard. Bensinweng’s Bullets series attracted a lot of attention in its time, which is a testament to professionalism. The author promoted the idea of writing simple and understandable texts for the audience without excessive pathos.

The experienced copywriter still shares his knowledge with newcomers through videos. Despite the fact that Bensinweng died in 2007, his recommendations are still relevant. The following statements deserve special attention:

  1. “The way information is presented plays a role. A person should easily understand the content of the text and not look in a dictionary for the meaning of words. The use of complex structures makes the study of the material time-consuming, and this has a bad effect on conversion.
  2. “Researching consumer psychology is the key to success.” Writing a sales text is much easier when there is an understanding of the subject matter of the conversation. In other cases, the copywriter is doomed.
  3. 20% action equates to 80% income. Knowing how to prioritize correctly will bring in more revenue. Understanding what work will allow you to write to make money contributes to the proper allocation of resources.

Gary’s attention has also been focused on building a certain brand reputation. Increasing awareness is achieved by using multiple channels to communicate with customers. Identifying individual expectations and being able to meet requests will make the copywriter invincible in sales.

Dr. Success Michel Fortin

Canada’s most famous copywriter comes from a dysfunctional family. Today the owner of a consulting agency hardly resembles himself in his youth. Dr. Success managed to achieve serious results thanks to his hard work and training.

For the realization of his ideas, he chose the field of Internet marketing. Michel Fortin is not only the owner of the agency, but also the author of books and numerous publications. He actively shares useful tips with those who want to learn more about selling copywriting.

Since it’s easy to find a good deal online today, Michel recommends a shift in focus to increase sales. Every marketer considers it his or her duty to say his or her product is the best. Achieving success is helped by a very different approach: convincing the customer of market primacy.

The best copywriters have learned another lesson from Fortin’s stories. Improving customer perception is essential to success. The opportunity to emphasize those characteristics that appeal to the customer is there for every text writer. It would be foolish not to take advantage of this concept and benefit.

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