Spam: what is it, how to check and much more

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How to distinguish high-quality text from low-quality text? Of course, in terms of special services. Often, when checking, attention is paid to uniqueness, but this is not the case. The level of text spam is a problem that needs to be discussed.

What is spam

How to check text metrics

The term “spamming” comes from a common problem – emails in your inbox that you didn’t want to receive. Based on this, another term has arisen in copywriting, and authors need to take it into account.

To understand what spam text is, you don’t need to spend a lot of time: this indicator indicates the relationship between the number of repetitions and the total number of words in the article.

In addition, the author should follow one more rule. The placement of key queries in the text will affect the result of the check. For this reason, it is worth sticking to a distance of 300-400 characters. Otherwise, a high score will reduce the quality of the writing.

In addition to the previous rules, there is one more. You need to remember what spammy text means and how it differs from nausea. Academic nausea shows the number of repetitions taking into account the norms, but all words from the text are used for calculation. Classic nausea is the square root of the number of the most commonly used key.

Indicator values and impact on search results position

Reviewing content before publishing allows you to catch errors early. By paying attention to the indicators, you will be able to prepare relevant material. At the same time, the quality is affected by many characteristics, including how spammy the text is. If the indicator is too high, you need to be prepared for:

In other words, a high percentage of spam tells the algorithm that there is no benefit. For this reason, robots stop recommending the site/blog for reading and gradually reduce the rating. To combat this, you need to reconsider your attitude towards spam in articles.

Clarifying the requirements of the system algorithms will allow you to adhere to the rules for writing quality content. True, it will not be possible to find an exact value that is acceptable for bots. However, publishing experience comes to the rescue, according to which the optimal rate of text spam (norm) is in the range of 30-60%.

This value demonstrates to the algorithms that the reviewed material is relevant to the topic and useful to users. Therefore, pages with similar content are worth promoting. Thus, indicators help improve your ranking position and attract an audience.

How to check text metrics

The spam level of the text is checked using special services. Every copywriter is familiar with them. The most popular are and Advego, and the newcomer Plagramme is just gaining popularity. To use them, you need to register and deposit money into your account.

Firstly, let’s look at as an example of a service. Among the features is the ability to check text without registration, but a long wait can be intimidating. To check, you need to insert the prepared material into the window and click on the appropriate button.

The service shows not only the density indicator, but also uniqueness, errors and “water”. If the results are unsatisfactory, you can make changes on the website and check the new option again.

Advego’s offer is more attractive. The verification process without registration and with an account will take a few seconds. The results of SEO text analysis for spam will also show the level of nausea. These indicators depend on each other, therefore, by correcting spam, nausea is also reduced.

You won’t be able to use Plagramme without registering, but you can create an account by confirming your login to Facebook. The results are presented in a convenient format, and you need to correct your mistakes in a separate document.

How to remove high spam rates

When you have the test results in front of you, it is worth spending time correcting errors. Since you already know that spamming is the frequent repetition of keywords, you need to work in this direction. You can reduce the indicators in the following ways:

  1. Increase text volume. This method of struggle is not always suitable, because increasing the article leads to different consequences. When adding new sentences, you cannot use keywords and other words that were previously often used in the material.
  2. Remove extra keys. Reducing spam by removing key queries is a little easier than increasing the length of the article. However, please note that removing duplicates may affect your promotion. Leave those key queries that contain parts of other keys.
  3. Increase the distance between repetitions. Everything here is also simple: the more characters between identical requests, the better. It is important to supplement the text with useful information, because irrelevant content reduces the search ranking.

Replacing a number of words with synonyms is another option to reduce the spaminess of the text. Benefits of choosing include absence of any rules other than the recommendation to observe appropriateness. To use this method, you need to take into account not key queries, but other phrases that are often used in the text.

The result of the work depends on vocabulary and attentiveness. It is better to remove inserted words and conjunctions, interjections and other constructions that do not carry meaning or benefit. You can verify their presence by focusing on the water content or “water” indicator.

A few words about the wateriness of the text

Expressions that are meaningless are removed from quality texts. At the same time, it is important to observe the “golden mean”: a complete rejection of auxiliary words will harm the quality of the material. Efforts to reduce spam and test the waters go together and therefore bring results. By working in two directions at once, it is possible to improve readability and increase the site’s position in the ranking.

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