Introductory words in the text: do they have a function?

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Preparation of texts requires knowledge in the field of linguistics. Using the information, it is possible to correctly compose sentences and place punctuation marks. The latter also applies to introductory words in the text, because they are separated by commas. This is the basic rule to remember.

In particular, the use of such words is unacceptable when it comes to writing material in a business style. However, the art style differs from the dry and restrained storytelling. An introductory word is one way to endow information with an emotional coloring, and constructions are an integral part of the artistic style.

Punctuation marks when using introductory words

Definition of introductory structures

The definition of what introductory words are is easily discussed in language lessons in grade 5. Based on this, we can conclude that in fact the topic is not as complicated as it seems. At least, there are no special rules for use, but some points still deserve the utmost attention.

The use of introductory words is due to the desire to give speech an emotional connotation. The constructions are often used as a display of the speaker’s doubts, confidences, and emotions. Sometimes, adding phrases allows you to indicate a sequence of actions or to attract attention.

Learning to identify introductory constructions in texts is quite simple. Regardless of the meaning of the introductory words, phrases have several features:

Confusion with the use of constructions in the structure arises from the lack of connection with other members. It is difficult to distinguish between an introductory word and a circumstance, addition or definition. To find an expression that does not carry a semantic load will allow the inability to put a question to it.

Punctuation marks when using introductory words

The main rule that you need to remember and use is the selection of introductory words with punctuation marks. In order not to confuse the subject with introductory phrases, it is worth trying to move the expression in the text. If the meaning of what has been said has not changed, do not forget to separate the words with commas on the sides.

Compound sentences are another point that needs attention. Examples of introductory words that are used in such cases will not be required: the presence of commas speaks for itself. There are certain rules for compound sentences. For example, if the introductory word is used for both parts of the construction, then a comma is not placed before the union.

The use of dashes to highlight insertive phrases at the beginning or end of a sentence is entirely up to the author. If you need to create a certain rhythm, you can safely use this punctuation mark. Since the need for use depends on the point of view of the author, then there are no rules.

The main categories of introductory words

The correct use of introductory words will enliven the text and get a response from the reader. To understand what introductory words are, you need to study the main categories:

  1. Degree of certainty. These words are most actively used in speech. The absence of phrases in a sentence can affect the meaning. For example, “perhaps” demonstrates uncertainty, and its absence leads to a change in the meaning of the entire sentence.
  2. Emotional color. The author expresses an assessment of the situation from life with the help of introductory words. Thus, one can indicate feelings and attitudes towards what is happening.
  3. Ordinary. This category of words is most often used in colloquial speech. Despite the scarcity of the category, the use of statements gives color to the sentence.
  4. Connection of thoughts. It will not be possible to build a causal relationship without this category of words. The use of combinations allows you to demonstrate the queue of thoughts.

When the author knows what introductory words are and when to use them, writing the text does not cause inconvenience. To prepare material in a certain style, it is worth choosing those categories that correspond to the rules of style.

How to define an introductory word

Introductory words do not affect the meaning of the sentence, therefore, they can be completely removed from the text. The placement also does not affect the semantic load, so only the author decides where to insert the introductory information.

If you have any doubts about the phrase used, you can try to ask a question. In cases where this is not possible, you have an introductory word. Try not to confuse them with full members of the sentence.

Now you know how to identify an introductory word, and you can use this information in practice.

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