Obsolescence and Evergreen Content: The Secrets of Efficiency

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Any information has its expiration date, and it is pointless to argue with this. However, content creators are not satisfied with such fatalism. Many are looking for ways to extend the life of materials, but not everyone succeeds. What is content obsolescence, and how to deal with it, will be discussed further.

The content life

«Old» content: causes and features

Promotion of resources and the site is achieved through the use of various articles. Webmasters get to customize some of the features and stay afloat a little longer than those who give up trying to breathe life into content.

Beginners will have to study the features of obsolescence so that they have a chance to create “evergreen” articles on a given topic. But first, you should understand that content obsolescence is a characteristic process that cannot be completely stopped. However, you can influence the rate of decline in positions.

Providing information to users is based on their interests, but the modern world is changing quite quickly. This is the first reason for obsolescence. An article is in demand only at the moment when the topic is relevant in society and is discussed by thousands of users.

The second reason is the lack of additions taking into account the trends of the month or year. You can work with this problem, while the result in numbers depends on the correctness of the actions. And since there are no guarantees, you often have to put up with a possible decline in page traffic.

What affects the rate of content aging

The content life cycle depends on several factors. First of all it is worth touching on the subject of the article. If the author talks about current developments or innovations, then the lifespan is equated to the time the next actual model appears in this niche.

The reverse cycle also deserves attention. The launch of a new game or film is usually planned well in advance. The growth in popularity of the news will be stable for a long time. The closer the release date, the more unique visitors you can get. In this situation, the peak of visits will be before the event, and not before.

To somehow influence the life cycle, you can use the following effective methods:

Content quality evaluation by search algorithms has a huge impact on the rate of ranking loss. Therefore, the author needs to study the features of the system before starting the preparation of materials.

Google’s work: how texts are evaluated by algorithms

Google search bots make a lot of demands on the content of an article. If competitors (like Yandex) prefer to promote “young” resources, then the American search engine requires more. How quickly content becomes outdated is influenced by several parameters:

the more outgoing links lead to the page, the longer the written material will “live”;

the frequency of mentions in social networks allows you to assign the status of “relevant content”;

regular updates (for example, once a day) contribute to the increase in search results.

The authority of the source, the presence of references to the material and the project update schedule affect the duration of the “life”. Thanks to information about influencers, it is possible to pause the process and revive old content.

Tips for creating “evergreen” material

To take care of the influx of visitor traffic, you can make some changes or rewrite the article. If you notice that the content is outdated, you should choose one (or several) effective methods from the list:

  1. Update of materials. Articles that are posted on the site can be rewritten and improved. To do this, you can add incident details and value. Increasing the relevance will allow you to continue promoting pages with the same efficiency.
  2. New publications. The availability of new materials will allow you to use the same keywords as before. The difference from the previous technique is that this model involves the “cannibalization” of links. Instead of two articles on the site, one that was created recently will be promoted.

Thus, it is possible to increase the place in the search results and extend the period of relevance of information. The result depends on the preliminary analysis of the data. Webmasters can evaluate the popularity of articles and determine which of the techniques will be effective.

In order for visitors to continue choosing your site, you need to ensure stable demand, simple presentation of relevant information, and rely on guides. In this case, you do not have to look for the answer to the question “How to understand that the content is outdated”: readers want to know how to change their lives for the better.

Creating always young content is based on:

Guides and other practical advice are in steady demand. There are always readers who want to save energy and increase productivity. This audience will keep the posted materials up to date for quite a long time.

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