Dash and Hyphen: Differences in Text

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Writing texts requires the use of punctuation marks. This requirement should not be neglected, since they help to simplify the perception of information. The absence of separating marks indicates that the author is poorly educated, unfamiliar with the rules of writing, and this is a bad form. In order not to be among those who misuse dashes and hyphens, you should pay attention to the basic requirements. A brief guide can make it as easy as possible to get acquainted with the correct placement of dashes.

Key Differences Between Hyphen and Dash

Hyphen and Dash

The misuse of similar signs is a common problem, so do not give up. In fact, there is nothing complicated in the spelling rules, and some authors use their inner instinct to place hyphens or dashes. If you’re having trouble with traits, then this material is made for you.

The dash is a punctuation mark. It is used instead of missing words in headings and text. For example, you can write “I am the author” or use the easier-to-read form “I am the author.” Thus, copywriters avoid the use of unnecessary words and simplify the perception of the text by the reader.

As for the hyphen, this sign belongs to the category of spelling. Its use is necessary in cases where you need to break a word from two components into parts. In this case, the sign is not separated by spaces, but is written next to the broken words.

Characters that are confused with dashes

Proper writing requires careful use of other signs. Commas, colons and other elements are not taken into account, since confusion with when a hyphen, when a dash is our main goal at the moment. To understand the correct use of these variations, it is enough to repeat the main applications:

  1. Minus. This is purely a mathematical symbol. Its use in the text is justified in situations where it is necessary to insert an equation with numbers. In other cases, you have to replace the minus with a more suitable sign: a dash and a hyphen.
  2. Short dash. This sign is often confused with a hyphen, and this is understandable: their length seems to be the same. An en dash followed by a hyphen is used to indicate a range or limits. If the symbol is listed elsewhere, the display in the sentence is questionable.
  3. Dash. According to the rules, a separating sign is necessary in cases where the subject and predicate belong to the same part of speech. The length of the dash is noticeably longer than the other characters listed.

Proper use of punctuation and spelling will demonstrate your knowledge of typography. If earlier it was used in publishing houses, now it has become more widespread (for example, menus). Proper text design is equally necessary both in books and advertising texts.

Other rules for creating literate texts

Placing articles on a website, in a newspaper or publication allows you to promote the company’s services, but only if the text was written correctly. Beginning authors remember the length of sentences, the need to use keywords and the requirements of the client, but forget when a dash is when a hyphen.

Mistakes like this negatively impact engagement, as misused signs are often visible to the naked eye. In order not to lose face in the dirt, you should pay attention to several important features:

  1. Quotes. The keyboard provides a symbol for quotation marks, but this “standard” is incorrect. For the design of brand and company names, French or German variants are used. Keep this in mind when creating texts for business industries.
  2. Abbreviations. In a number of texts, it is necessary to use abbreviations, which usually include dots at the end of the word. So, you need to write pcs. However, there are exceptions to this rule. The designation of measures of length or weight does not require the use of a dot at the end. Enough space
  3. Currency. This is perhaps the most difficult case. The rules for using currency signs vary from country to country. But it is worth noting that the designation of the currency in the CIS countries is after the amount, and Western countries often put signs before the numerical value.

For competent design (dash or hyphen solutions), you can use hints from the network. To do this, just enter a request and read the answer to the question. The presence of exceptions in the rules suggests that it is better to play it safe and check your knowledge in a reliable source.

For simplicity, it is recommended to make some changes to the text formatting rules in text editors. Auto-correction of characters will allow you to avoid errors on the screen when typing, and arrange the material in accordance with the current spelling rules.

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