Types of Copywriting

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Типы копирайтинга As soon as the business began to go on the Internet, companies turned their attention to filling the sites with unique content, choosing the appropriate types of copywriting. And the better the text is written, the higher the chances of getting into the top SERPs in the search engine. Therefore, it is not surprising that a copywriter today is the most demanded Internet profession.

Most copywriters position themselves as generalists, i.e. they write texts on any topic. But over time, the authors choose a related topic, and begin to develop themselves and take orders in one or more areas.

However, you need to take into account not only the direction, but also the types of copywriting, which are divided into:

  1. Selling. One of the popular types of content. It is ordered to describe goods, advertising – in other words, to attract an audience for the subsequent purchase of a product.
  2. SEO copywriting. Too many customers, wanting to go to the first lines of search engines, order “seoshnye” texts. This is the content that contains the key queries. However, many optimizers, and indeed the customers themselves, sometimes overdo it, clogging the text with “keys”. Do not forget that the material will be read by potential buyers. And if the article is completely unreadable, then even Google will not index it. Everything should be in moderation.
  3. Technical. The purpose of this type of copywriting is to highlight the company’s achievements and provide information on the proper use of the product. But in order to write this kind of text, the copywriter must be ready to conduct research and deeply study the topic. Better yet, have the necessary knowledge.
  4. Informational. This kind of content is more suitable for social networks, blogs, online magazines. The main task is to build harmonious relations with the audience. Those. You need to give readers useful, interesting and unique information, not just advertising your product.
  5. Creative Creative copywriting is used in writing advertising and jingles. It is important here to quickly come up with a slogan, a slogan, not forgetting the psychology of the audience.
  6. Advertising. The name of copywriting already speaks for itself: the task of the copywriter is to create a positive image of the company and the product. To do this, write press releases and articles of an advertising nature. And given the fact that marketing rules often change, the author must have flexible thinking.

It implies copywriting types of unique content, which are often referred to as rewriting. But this is not entirely correct, since rewriting is a separate type of creating texts, because the task of the rewriter is to rewrite the text in your own words. This service is very popular if you need to quickly fill content.

Other types of copywriting

Knowing the directions that copywriting has, the types of texts and types of content – this is already a good preparation. But there is another classification, which also successfully increases the buyer’s interest in the company and the product in particular.

  1. Gathering information about a potential buyer. The essence of this content is simple – to obtain customer data. For example, phone or email. Often used in landings and emails.
  2. Motivation to purchase. In this case, the author needs to be very convincing for the site visitor to perform the target action.
  3. Involving content. The goal is to engage the audience in an active role. The main thing is to clearly know what actions visitors should take.

In this material we tried to maximally talk about what types of copywriting are. Regardless of which type of content is preferable, the text should be high-quality, competent and unique.

There are two options – to independently understand all the intricacies and nuances of writing good material or entrust this work to professionals. The second option is optimal, since you save time that you can spend on developing your business. Experienced copywriters will write useful, selling or SEO text to help increase sales and profits.

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