Texts about perfume: how to write?

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The task that a copywriter faces is to talk about what cannot be touched. In this case, you need to focus not so much on the characteristics, but on the sensations. And this is where the problems begin. It will take some time and patience to resolve them because it just won’t happen.

Perfume advertising copy is divided into two main parts: a description of the fragrance based on product information, and a method of use. To reveal the topic, you need to use analogies and metaphors, because material about perfume is not so easy to cope with.

What a copywriter needs to remember

Preparing an article about perfumes

Preparing an article about perfumes at first is no different from other topics. The author should still draw the reader’s attention to the “technical features”. This means that the story about perfumery begins with ordinary things. Important points to mention include:

Mentioning the brand and its history is allowed, but there are a few rules to keep in mind. A lengthy introduction for a story about the manufacturer is inappropriate. Well-known brands do not need additional advertising, and those that are little in demand can rarely boast of anything unique. For this reason, simply indicating the manufacturer’s name is sufficient.

The persistence and sharpness of the aroma depends on the type of perfume. The following are available on the market:

  1. Perfume. They are particularly durable (up to 12 hours). The high content of substances means that one drop is enough to create a fragrant cloud.
  2. Eau de parfum. Phrases for selling perfume are based on durability for 7-8 hours. These scents are perfect for every day.
  3. Eau de Toilette. The unobtrusive and light aroma is felt for several hours. The concentration of fragrant substances is low, so it is not easy to smell the eau de toilette.

By indicating the type of product, copywriting helps show both the benefits of the purchase and the features of use. The buyer understands that the perfume will last a long time or will lose its durability relatively quickly. Thus, a person interested in the offer makes a decision easier.

Fragrance description: secrets of accessible expression of thoughts

A beautiful text about perfume contains a description of the aroma. But at the same time, there is no need to confuse the reader and write in a complex language. In most cases, buyers do not want to analyze what they read into details, so it is better to refuse an expert “scientific lecture”. Instead, specify:

  1. How the aroma reveals itself. Perfume notes in the description are good, but the approach to presentation may differ. Avoid listing and use simpler language. For example, tell us that immediately after application you feel apple notes, then caramel and other components reveal themselves.
  2. What mood does the perfume create? To understand how to write about perfume, it is worth paying attention to the sensations of the aroma. To do this, metaphors and analogies are used, because they help the reader remember certain moments and want to buy perfume. The skill needs to be honed by revealing your associations after applying the aroma.
  3. Usage scenario. Fragrances, like clothes, suit different occasions and people. It’s worth mentioning this in your article. Forget about clichéd phrases and create a super vivid idea of ​​perfume.

Advertising with elements of associations and methods of application is more effective. This is explained by the fact that the reader clearly understands the actions after the purchase and strives to implement plans as soon as possible. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to create a content plan about perfumes, because each product is unique and attractive in its own way.

The development of imagination will help to reveal the features of products. Surely, you have pleasant memories that come back with the feeling of a familiar aroma. Use them to create advertising, because this is your opportunity to attract customers’ attention to the perfume and encourage them to buy.

Instructions on how to write about perfumes

Learning how to create descriptions of fragrances is not easy, but you shouldn’t miss the opportunity. Authors may be advised to express their thoughts in simple sentences. Also, make sure you use the correct terminology and associations. Adding obscure words makes the text meaningless.

To understand how to write about perfumes, it is enough to pay attention to following the plan. It includes several points, but there will be no difficulties in finding information to write. Free instructions for copywriters include:

The properties of perfume and how it smells are the bare minimum. Make sure that the aroma pyramid remains clear and that the text does not contain rare concepts. “Musk” and other components are a rarity that is familiar to a few readers. Keep this in mind when working on the text.

By following the given plan, you will be able to understand how to write texts about perfumes. Without using vulgar and hackneyed phrases. No complex structures. But with pleasant ones sensations and bright moments from life.

Use case scenarios are not about “spring in youth” or “first love”. The author needs to choose suitable associations that will reveal the mood of the aroma. Think about walks in an autumn park or an evening with a loved one – this evokes vivid emotions that are familiar to each of us.

How to learn to write beautifully about perfumes? This requires time, high-quality examples and good imagination. By creating clear wording according to the guide that evokes pleasant memories, you will be able to get closer to your goal.

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