Texts for Yandex and Google: is there a difference?

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Search engines have an impact not only on the performance of companies, but also on copywriters. This is due to the fact that the authors need to adapt to the rules that this or that program dictates.The changes have led to the fact that you can notice a huge difference between the texts of 2010 and 2020.

Features of promotion in Yandex are one, and in many beloved Google, they are completely different. This causes inconvenience in the preparation of the material. The author needs to make friends with the chosen system where your site will be promoted. However, is it as simple as it sounds? This needs to be explored in detail.

Google Secrets

How Yandex works

Yandex is a search engine that was created for Russian-speaking users. And this is the beginning of the most interesting. Due to the focus on the Russian text, the company has unique requirements for the amount of information. For copywriters and business owners, they are presented as follows:

  1. Semantic analysis. The content of the article is determined based on all the words. For the sale, there is no need to enter key queries and demonstrate benefits. A laconic “Buy” button and relevant images are quite enough.
  2. New algorithms. Today, Baden-Baden and Palekh attract special attention. It is based on high requirements for the text. With this in mind, we can conclude that Yandex “does not like” text materials.
  3. Changing requirements. Based on point 2, text optimization is no longer needed. The so-called word vectorization plays a much bigger role for traffic. To promote pages, it is necessary to rid sites of texts, use images and distinguish between content for buyers and robots.

What text in Google is not effective, in Yandex it will be a hit to the point. But the question of “friendship” with the search engine is still acute. To tame the temper of Yandex, you need to show the factor of ingenuity and move on to the introduction of new approaches to promotion.

Google Secrets: How to Conquer the System

It is hard not to notice the differences between the text in Yandex and Google. Copywriters have something to work on and something to do. What is it connected with? The answer lies on the surface: Google does not understand Russian, as its main competitor. For this reason, promotion takes place using texts.

Google fans are sure that this system likes to promote quality content, and this is true: the search engine has long been used by English-speaking users. This resulted in:

In addition, Google is actively used by users who create queries from mobile. For promotion, this means little, except that the chosen font and getting into the top of the results from modern gadgets will bring success to your business offspring without a struggle.

Yandex does not look for unique texts, and Google highly appreciates such articles. Making friends with him is a little easier, because you need to use descriptions, synonyms and a moderately large overview. This will make your resource popular and one of those recommended by the system.

How to find a way out

Pages that should be in the top search results in two systems can be created. And this is a fact. To do this, you need to take into account the peculiarities of the experience of each and look for a middle ground. If you don’t see the difference between SEO promotion in Yandex and Google, use proven methods to please two search engines at the same time:

  1. Write useful content. Be that as it may, seo-texts are read by users, which means that you need to write for them. Don’t use too many keywords. Do not try to increase the volume at the expense of synonyms. Benefit first.
  2. Post for a quick read. Materials on the pages must be placed in the visibility zone. Don’t place them on the side of the schedule or use different fonts.
  3. Size matters. Small texts will appeal to both Yandex and Google. Add information for a person, and refuse seo tricks. At least at the end of the text.

Thus, it will be possible to create material for two systems that will consider it an indicator of honesty and worthy of attention.

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