Text: where to place an article for people and bots

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Perhaps the question will cause bewilderment, but it is a fact. The placement of the article will affect the results of indexing and the amount of profit. A page without text is not an option, because it is still necessary to pass the check by the algorithm and the person. Examples will help assess the need for the correct positioning of the article and test yourself for resilience.

Text for people and its placement

Optimizing the pages

Placing SEO articles on the site is intended to introduce customers to services and products. In addition, information about cooperation with the company is added here. The obligatory use of materials is not in doubt, but there is an exception to the rule.

The owners of online stores who have placed texts at the top are making a mistake. The buyer wants to buy something, but he is not interested in reading the additions. As a result: the visitor passes into the hands of competitors.

You can avoid distraction. To save traffic, place additional text at the bottom of the page (under the products). This is enough to maintain interest and indexing by algorithms.

In this case, the principle seems simple and clear. But it is worth considering the situation from the other side. What conclusion will search engine bots make about this move by marketers?

Text for bots: what to do

Visual perception of information on the page is the privilege of the person who opened the site or comment. The view of the algorithm differs from the picture on the monitor. Search engine bots “see” text in HTLM code format. A set of tags (visible when pressing ctrl+U) mark the heading and subheadings, the beginning and end of the paragraph, and the items in the lists.

For consideration of usefulness, it is necessary to place the article at the top of the page. Indexing occurs by checking keywords and determining the topic based on the title. Thus, the algorithm determines the quality of the materials and invites users to read it.

If you want to know how to place text at the bottom of the page without wasting space, you need to consult a programmer. The expert will help you choose an alternative without violations and satisfy the request of the owner of the online store. But experience plays an important role.

Why is text placed predominantly at the top of the page? This is dictated by the following observations:

  1. Indexing. The recommendation to read the article comes after assessing the usefulness for determining the position. The robot evaluates the section heading and decides what the article is about.
  2. Value. Placing text at the top means it’s useful to the user. The search bot is faced with the task of satisfying the visitor’s request.
  3. Utility. The article posted below is considered spam. Robots do not need to evaluate it, because it was created for them. But back to the task of the bot: to satisfy the user.

And again everything seems obvious. But only from the point of view of the owners of companies providing services. An online store cannot afford this gesture and lose a customer. For this reason, you need to find a display option that will satisfy both the reader and the algorithms.

Way out of the situation: the tricks of programmers

Non-compliance with the requirements is detrimental to the promotion of the resource. The loss of search results leads to a decrease in traffic. And this is not the limit. If everything is clear with the placement of texts for companies (text page at the top), then for online stores you need to use a trick.

The task of the programmer is to “deceive” the algorithm by changing the body of the article, and for this you need:

When entering your pages, the algorithm will “see” what it needs: keys and text. As for the user, the material will be located under the product range. That is, you can see additional text only with your eyes, but only if you wish. But to neglect the quality of the posted article is still not worth it.


Optimizing the pages and the answer, where to write the SEO text are tasks for the programmer. An experienced expert will do it without difficulty. Otherwise, consider replacing an employee: lack of experience affects the results of the company.

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