Tips for beginners: how to make a quality rewrite

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The search for creative professions that can be done without effort will certainly lead to rewriting of texts. To work, you must have a rich vocabulary, be able to highlight important details and convey the idea of the original author without distortion. These are modest requirements for a rewriter, but meeting them at the beginning is not so easy.

Beginners begin their creative journey by completing such simple tasks, since there is no experience in writing materials. In order to increase the level of complexity over time, you need to learn not only to replace one sentence with another, but also to understand how to do rewriting correctly.

how to make a quality rewrite

Bad advice, or what tricks don’t work

The desire to complete the task quickly pushes novice writers to repeat the mistakes of others. Of course, a beginner does not know what problems other authors had, and you don’t have to guess about it. Common bad advice includes:

  1. Speed is a rewriter’s best friend. In fact, the execution of the task does not need to be associated with speed. Yes, this is an important factor, but it hardly deserves the first place on the list. Rewriting for beginners is a way to master the blind typing system and broaden your horizons.
  2. Synonymizers are the best assistant for a beginner. The uniqueness indicator is one of the common requirements. It is possible to achieve a high percentage through the use of synonyms. However, this method does not work if programs are used for work. The result is unlikely to satisfy the client.
  3. Key queries are the main thing in the text. In fact, the organic use of “keys” is not as important as it seems. It is difficult to talk about organic when the text is difficult to read. The rewriter makes sure that a person does not have problems with the perception of information.

Using software makes things a little easier, but don’t rely too much on synonymizers. Checking the result will highlight inappropriate points and eliminate such errors. This is the minimum effort that needs to be applied to rewriting, and a few recommendations will tell you how to learn how to work on the material correctly.

Text rewriting: how to develop your abilities

If you want to learn how to learn rewriting, you should pay attention to the requirements for a rewriter and his skills. The task of the author is to modify the text, based on the source, but retain the meaning of the source. You can achieve good results on your own, and programs will be needed in exceptional cases.

The quality of rewriting depends on a rich vocabulary. To broaden your horizons, you need to read a lot of high-quality literature. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that famous writers often use obsolete words and terms. And finding a suitable role model in modern works is quite difficult.

Dictionaries of synonyms by topic help to avoid such difficulties. Resources are used not only by rewriters, but also by copywriters who are puzzled by the number of repetitions of words and expressions. Such a “recommendation” has the right to life, because it becomes much easier to memorize new phrases.

Ways of rewriting texts

Rewriters who are looking for tips on how to make quality rewriting can choose between two options. The first (described earlier) is the elementary replacement of words with synonyms and the preservation of the readability of the material. The second is the deep rewrite method, which takes more time, but guarantees a better result.

The method is based not on the usual retelling of the text, but on the preparation of a general plan of the material, followed by the presentation of one’s own thoughts. This trick works equally well in different situations, which is why it is especially popular.

In favor of the choice of reception speaks the ability to change the article beyond recognition. It will not be original, but it will still be possible to claim uniqueness. Thus, it will be possible to satisfy the discerning customer and learn in practice how to make a high-quality rewrite.

Final Thoughts

Working on the text is definitely a creative task, which is not for everyone. The rewriter must take care of a broad outlook, mastering the methods of speed dialing and get a hand in processing a large amount of information. This will allow you to move into a new league and take your place in the copywriting market.

Readability is the key to success. Tips on how to rewrite articles correctly, for some reason, do not address this issue of work. The quality of the text depends on the ease of perception. If search algorithms notice the presence of complex terminology, the result of posting materials will not please the client.

There is no magic button. Avoid complex terms, do not neglect the listed tricks and improve the quality of your work!

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