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The copywriting market is one of the most sought after niches in Internet marketing. There are many specialists in this field, the price range is varied. Not always at the copywriter, setting a high price for the work, the corresponding quality of the texts. However, this is rare and, fortunately, not systematic. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the main question, which is more important for you – quality or economy.
In this article, we will consider what options are available when ordering copywriting services, how a copywriter works, the price for an article of which is higher or lower than the market price.

Pitfalls when ordering copywriting on the content exchange

Let us dwell on the services and pricing policies of copywriters working on freelance exchanges. It can be either specialized sites or groups on social networks. The cost of a copywriter from the exchange varies between 0.5-1 dollars. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, then you may well be able to find an artist for that price.

Skol'ko stoyat uslugi kopiraytera

However, there are some nuances:
The author does not always delve into the topic. It is unlikely that the performer will spend time studying the material, searching for additional information for writing good text. The customer runs the risk of receiving uninformative content.
Low level of originality. Even if the finished text produces a high percentage of uniqueness, in fact the material may turn out to be ordinary rewriting. A copywriter, the price for 1000 characters of which does not exceed $ 1, rarely delves into the essence, theme and does not bring novelty to the material.
Reluctance to make edits. Exchange performers are people who work for a penny. And it is quite clear that they have no enthusiasm to edit something at the request of the customer.
Literacy. A low-cost copywriter is, in most cases, a beginner in the profession. Or perceives this activity as a side job. Therefore, situations are not ruled out when in the text there are various errors – grammatical, stylistic. The client then has to hire an editor or edit the material himself. But think: if you pay money, do you want to refine the performer later? Hardly.
The disadvantages of cooperation with such an author include the lack of understanding of SEO optimization. Even if keywords are spelled out in the TOR, there is no guarantee that they will be organically entered into the text. As a result, you run the risk of getting an unreadable article, which will lead to a decrease in site conversion.
In addition, not all copywriters know how to correctly format text, how to structure it. The lack of headings, subheadings, lists will make reading the article more difficult. And do not forget about the timing. Even if you register them, there is no guarantee that the author will do everything on time.

Copywriting from experienced professionals: benefits and cost of services

Now we’ll talk about what the client gets when ordering services from a copywriter with experience and what prices work. The initial cost of copywriting services of an experienced performer exceeds $ 1.2 per 1000 characters. It is difficult to name the final price mark, since the price can reach a figure with two or more zeros.

Kopirayting ot opytnykh spetsialistov

Such a high cost of a copywriter depends on many factors:

  1. skills and experience in copywriting;
  2. creative approach to writing texts;
  3. full immersion in the study of the topic;
  4. the possibility of independent study of topics;
  5. narrow focus of content.

But other aspects are important. So, a copywriter, who puts a rather big price for services, not only studies the client’s business in detail, but also uses well-known techniques and schemes when writing material. He knows what an optimized article is and knows how to work with “keys”; at the request of the customer, makes corrections or gives a reasoned explanation of why it is not worth editing. The main thing is strict adherence to the deadline.
Such an approach to work is associated not only with the high cost of services, but also with the reputation of a copywriter. And if the work is done through an agency, then the reputation of a content studio is at stake.
If we talk about cooperation with a copywriting agency, the customer can count not only on high-quality work and optimal pricing, but also a thorough proofreading by the editor.

How to choose an artist and not lose

When choosing a person who will write texts for your site, it is important to decide on the goals and budget. The main thing is to understand what is more important – price or quality?

Therefore, we determine:

  1. budget;
  2. desire and opportunity to solve organizational issues;
  3. deadline when you need to submit the project;
  4. type of content (informational, marketing, useful, etc.).

After setting goals, select a copywriter. The focus is on criteria such as portfolio availability and work experience. The level of professionalism can be determined by giving the performer a test task. However, a copywriter whose cost of services exceeds the mark of $ 2 will at least take an advance payment for writing test material.
Another important factor when choosing a contractor is the availability of certificates on passing specialized courses, and the constant training of a copywriter in his field. Professional authors also give the client a brief for filling out in order to gain a deeper understanding of the topic and understand customer requirements.
When ordering copywriting services in the agency, all this information will be provided by the manager. He will also find out the needs and wishes in writing this or that material. A team of professional authors works at Fabrika Slov Content Agency, so you can be sure of the quality of the work done and the delivery of the project on time.

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