How much does a quality rewriting of text cost?

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To fill the site with content, many business owners resort to such a popular service as rewriting – rewriting already finished material in their own words, but keeping the meaning. Rewriting differs from copywriting in that the performer does not need to study a lot of information in order to write quality text. And the rates for rewriting are much lower than copywriting. However, both methods of obtaining content for a web resource or page on a social network are in great demand.

стоимость рерайта

In this article, we will tell you how much a quality rewriting costs and what the cost of work depends on.

How is rewriting different from copywriting?

But first I would like to say a few words about the distinctive features of these two types of writing. As you already understood, rewriting is the same presentation that each of us has known from school. Copywriting is about creating unique text from scratch. When writing, many different sources can be used, your own opinions and conclusions can be added, which is not in rewriting.

This is the main difference between rewriting and copywriting. Plus, rewriting text is cheaper.

To perform such work, the author must have such skills as:

You also need to understand that it is better to entrust the rewriting of highly specialized texts to a person who is well versed in this direction. For example, rewriting a text on bioengineering should be entrusted to a specialist in this field. And here the question arises, how much does such a rewrite cost? Customers are willing to pay a little more for rewriting texts of technical, medical and other narrow focus than for ordinary rewriting.

Quality comes first!

Texts, regardless of whether they are rewritten or created from scratch, should be of high quality by default. Not to mention the fact that there are no mistakes in the finished article, news or note. To do this, the author needs to at least study the topic, as a maximum – not be lazy and find additional information.

каким должен быть рерайт

If we are talking about narrowly focused texts where professional terminology is present, it is difficult to replace it. Therefore, customers often do not focus on uniqueness. Those. when checked, the text can have a uniqueness of 75%. But if this is a simple material, where words and some concepts can be easily replaced with synonyms, then it is already easier to achieve uniqueness here.

At the same time, when using synonyms, one should not forget about the semantic and logical component of the text: often in the pursuit of uniqueness, replacing words from the original source with synonyms, the thought is lost.

And to understand how much high-quality rewriting costs, let’s move on to a little math.

Who should you order the rewriting and for what price?

If the work is not difficult, then rewriting can be entrusted even to a student. But usually beginners take their first steps in copywriting for this. And although there is a small price for the same rewriting of news, but this is a good opportunity to earn money and get new skills in writing texts.

The cost of rewriting is influenced by many factors, in particular:

And how much does a professional rewriting cost if you need to enter keywords into the text or process narrowly focused material? Such work will cost a little more. For example, if a beginner can be paid $0,65-1, then an experienced author will take a little more – from $1,30. But there is also a certain nuance here: if you contact the contractor not through the exchange, but go directly to the freelancer, then the price may be higher – from $3. In other words, how much it will cost depends on where to order the rewrite.

как заказать рерайт

You can find a good rewriter or copywriter on any freelance exchange. Here the prices are lower and the choice of authors is larger. But if you need high-quality rewriting, it is better to contact a copywriting agency. And there are several reasons for this:

The main thing is that for a low cost of work you get high quality work. And if quality is above all for you, then welcome to the «Fabrika Slov» content studio!

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