Correct TT: what does the job look like for a copywriter

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Writing texts for a website or blog looks like a simple and uncomplicated task, but this opinion is deceptive. The work of a copywriter must comply with the terms of reference for copywriting, which includes the customer’s requirements for future content. Neglecting to compile the correct list negatively affects the result, so it is worth studying the characteristics of a quality assignment.

Preparation of TT also requires compliance with several rules. Compliance with the recommendations will allow you to get a high quality result. So that the creation of a technical task does not raise questions, it is worth studying what should be in the terms of reference for copywriting and mandatory characteristics.

How to create a TT yourself

Requirements to be included in the TT

To work on the text, you need to work out several important points. Since the preferences of readers play an important role, it is worthwhile to responsibly approach the study of the target audience. Age, interests and gender significantly affect the way information is presented, so it is worth adding this data to the terms of reference for a copywriter.

In addition, it is necessary to determine the characteristics of the text that will affect the result:

  1. Text type. The style of writing the text is extremely important, because you need to create a trusting relationship with the reader. The choice of the method of presenting information is chosen taking into account the interests of the audience,
  2. Purpose of use. Advertising products and providing information about the company require the use of different texts. The TT for the article should include the purpose of creating the material and the subject, and this will facilitate the work of the copywriter.
  3. Structure. For a simple perception of the article, it is worth mentioning the presence of mandatory sections and lists. Formatting according to the requirements will allow the author to prepare a good text.

Preparation of terms of reference for a copywriter includes a list of keywords that will be used to promote pages. So that the text is not oversaturated with “keys”, it is worth considering the volume of the article. The number of characters does not include spaces, so they are ignored in the calculation. Note that content types have certain characteristics that also affect the required text length.

How important is the uniqueness of the text

The effectiveness of content usage depends on the uniqueness indicator. This parameter is quite important, but there are certain subtleties here. For example, a slight similarity to other articles in the collection can benefit your business, as it will help promote pages with higher performance.

However, you should not rely too much on this possibility. A non-unique article will allow competitors to advance, so it is worth considering several scenarios after publication. The terms of reference for copywriting include not only the uniqueness parameter, but also the verification method.

The uniqueness check can be carried out on various sites. However, remember the language of writing the text. Russian-language services do not perceive foreign languages well, so you should choose a reliable resource. The verification algorithms are different, and the probability of different indicators is high. As a way out of the situation, indicate the preferred service.

If you need to prepare several texts on a certain topic, you should check them among themselves to ensure that there are no complaints. The author may not notice that they are using similar expressions, and this is a common problem. To compare articles, various services are used, so the procedure does not take much time.

It is worth softening the requirements for the uniqueness of the text in several cases. Articles that use technical terms are hard to make unique. The same applies to texts where it is necessary to indicate official names or use an exact quotation from laws and regulations.

How to create a TT yourself

If you don’t know how to write a TT for a copywriter yourself, use the listed tips. In addition, it is necessary to choose tools for generating a list of requirements. Google Docs is the most convenient format, since it is enough to provide a link to familiarize yourself with the content.

Creating a technical task does not cause problems and inconvenience. For this, the presence of relevant experience is not at all necessary, so a beginner can easily cope with this. To prepare your own TT, you need to take into account the following:

  1. Availability of examples. To prepare the text, you can choose several samples. This way it will be easier for the author to work on the article and fulfil your requirements. To ensure that the result meets expectations, use the materials prepared by competitors.
  2. Features of use. The name of the company or individual product is not always included in the article or description. This is due to the fact that the placement of materials on third-party sites requires compliance with certain rules.
  3. Deadline. Setting deadlines will allow the author to plan the work, and the customer will be able to receive the finished article in a timely manner. Consider the complexity of the task and avoid vague wording. Having enough time will allow you to prepare quality text.

In order not to think about how to write technical specifications for a copywriter, you can use templates. A brief is a convenient way to create a list of requirements and transfer them to the contractor. Such forms can be offered by both a copywriting agency and freelancers.

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