Typography rules for website content

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The owners of online resources care about the quality content of the pages. This requires time to create content, but recently this has not been enough. To attract users, you need to pay attention to typography, which, no less than content, affects website traffic.

The basic rules for formatting text are familiar to many. It is important to divide the material into sections, use lists and other simple ways of structuring. In addition, the presence of images also affects the level of engagement. This is the first “new” rule to remember before choosing where to place the text.

The rules on how to format texts

Why typography matters

The layout of texts definitely deserves attention, since the level of comfort of readers depends on it. Among the recommendations, it is indicated that typography benefits everyone: both users and the company. If you do not have enough information on how to format a large text on the site, you should study the advice of experienced mentors.

The time spent will allow you to identify the reasons why you need to deal with the choice of background and angle options. Among them are:

The rules on how to format texts for the site are created for the convenience of readers. Thanks to the right style, they increase conversion, increase the length of stay on the page, and also simplify the perception of information.

Pleasing text for the eyes: the main components

Customers who search for information on the portal should receive assistance and benefit from the article. It is impossible to ignore this requirement, because there are no other ways to detain the reader. However, do not neglect other principles for creating a “pleasant” text.

The above term refers to materials that do not cause discomfort. A “sheet” of words does not catch the eye and will almost immediately force you to close the page. As for the rest of the features, it is worth paying attention to a few:

  1. Fullness. The absence of gaps in the form of accents can cause fears that are associated with an abundance of information. To divert attention from this, it is worth adding spaces between paragraphs or highlighting the space on the sides of the placed text.
  2. Images. The presence of visual materials is another rule for the design of text on the site. Pictures slightly distract from the volume of the article, but also simplify the perception of information. Use this “secret” skill for particularly large text.
  3. Headings. Simple and clear headings are the basis of the article. Make sure that the section title is followed by useful information. Check the match between the title and the content to solve a complex problem.

Structure plays an important role and should be kept in mind before starting the writing process. If there is no division into subsections, there is a high risk of losing a buyer. Use tips on how to format the text on the site so that it is read, and watch the results.

Don’t underestimate fonts

The rules for the design of text on the site include requirements regarding the choice of font. Neglect of the conditions negatively affects the engagement of readers. Based on this, listen to the recommendations for the design of collections of material on the pages.

The first thing to remember is to avoid small print on your site. This not only makes it impossible to read, but also makes you think about what is hidden under the indicated information. The recommended font size is 12-14. As for the design of the title, it is proposed to take into account the number of words and then select the appropriate parameters. The maximum limit is 20.

Highlighting important points and points in the article is not limited to using bold type. Other types can be used: italic, underline, and uppercase. Such ways of highlighting a line will attract more attention, because they are easy to notice against the general background of the text.

Errors in writing content are excluded, and this causes the appearance of new shortcomings. Firstly, the point at the end of the headings is not put, because the reader already understands that the thought is completed. Secondly, exclamation and question marks must be used.

Typography and text formatting rules allow you to focus attention, simplify perception and quickly move to the right place in the article. If the size of the material is too large, create content to jump to the sections. Save readers’ time and it will do you good.

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