Why is unique content important to a website?

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Website promotion in the search engine and business success more than 80% depend on the text content of the web resource. Those. from content, including visuals. It can be easily explained: good content of a web resource attracts not only visitors, but also search robots. Based on this, it follows that, regardless of the business niche, unique content is required for sites.

Before talking about the uniqueness as such, let’s figure out what is meant by good textual content of the site in principle, i.e. what is unique and quality content? Translated from English, content means «content». In other words, the web resource must contain interesting, useful information for the visitor, otherwise the reader will leave the page in search of other, informative material.

важность уникального контента

Unique content for a site has its own criteria. It:

When you see text with grammatical errors, it’s not so bad. But when in the text, for example, the absolute absence of logic is more complicated. The same can be said about the SEO texts loved by many customers: keyword overspam is striking, and you can immediately see that they thought more about search robots than about people. But that’s a different story. Although, in SEO, original material plays an important role. Therefore, filling the site with unique content is an important component of promotion.

We create quality content: what points to consider?

Above, we described what parameters characterize the original text content. But when creating text, it is important to consider other points as well. So, unique content for websites is, first of all, high-quality and original article content. For a web resource to be promoted in the search engine and be relevant to users, you need to optimize the site for audience queries.

почему важен уникальный контент

Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Study of the target audience. Before you write the text, you need to study the audience. To do this, you need to think over the tone of communication (friendly or business style), what benefits the produced product gives (it’s great if the customer himself highlights these points, gives more information for writing the text). Only knowing the target audience can you write interesting and useful material.
  2. Coverage in the article of issues of concern to the reader. You can write unique content for websites knowing the pain of the target audience. To do this, you can use the keyword selection service. With the help of such an assistant, you can understand what worries the audience more.
  3. Content optimization. You did your work on the audience study, took into account the pains, and the article «does not fire»? Rather, the problem is that the material is not sufficiently optimized for the reader’s request. To do this, you can use a special tool «SEO-Page Check», which will reveal the flaws.

When writing material for a website, blog or page in social networks, not only uniqueness is important, but also quality. Therefore, these two parameters are important.

Where to get original content?

So, the site is ready, but the issue with the content has not been resolved. How to create unique, high-quality content? Actually, only two options are available – write it yourself or contact professionals. If you have a good command of the word, you know what the text should be, you can write it yourself. All that remains is to find an editor who will «comb» the finished material. Here you can use the services of a freelance exchange or find an artist through social networks, acquaintances.

However, the second option is better. First, time is saved. Secondly, experienced writers know how to write good, structured text correctly. And even if this option is more expensive, it’s worth it. When ordering the writing of texts in our copywriting studio, you can be sure of an excellent result.

We hope that we were able to answer the question why unique content is so important for the site.

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