Product cards: how to optimize pages?

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Potential customers evaluate offers by examining product cards. For this reason, it is worth spending a little time on writing descriptions correctly. In addition, an effective standard for filling out cards will help attract the attention of search engines. But first things first.

What is a product card

SEO text in the product card

Product descriptions on the website include a list of characteristics, brand name and cost. Thanks to a brief overview, the client learns what to be prepared for and evaluates the quality of the product. But it’s worth remembering a few points:

To avoid creating a description with many useless parts, you should study the main components in advance. Thanks to this, the card will serve to attract customers and increase positions in search results.

Components of product cards for SEO

SEO text in the product card determines the success of optimization. The challenge comes down to writing a description that is useful both to the reader and to the search algorithms. It’s not easy to meet the needs of people and bots, but the following components will help improve your overall ranking.

Micro markup

These elements point the search bot to the product image, price and description. The standard used for markup is The information specified in the micro markup will be displayed in the snippet. A small preview is shown on the screen after entering a query in the search bar.

Finding how to do SEO optimization for a product card is not difficult. Large city stores are showing other sellers ways to improve their positions. Study your competitors’ techniques to get your share of buyers’ attention.

Meta tags

There are four main meta tags: title, description, h1 and keywords. Each of them is needed for SEO promotion of the product card. When creating these elements, you need to consider several features:

  1. Title. 70 characters of text must include a description of the main characteristics. You cannot list them separated by commas or in parentheses, and do not put a period at the end.
  2. Description. The purpose of this text is to expand the title of the article. No repetitions. The maximum length is 160 characters.
  3. H1. The main heading should be used in the card. It should not be supplemented with punctuation marks other than commas and colons.
  4. Keywords. Keywords in the product card are invisible to visitors, but are needed for the search algorithm. The page will move along them.

For convenience, you can create automatic templates. They are used to save time when you have to fill out hundreds of cards of the same type using the same model. It is worth considering that the title of products on one site must be unique.

“Breadcrumbs”: what they are and how to use them

SEO text for a product card is not the only optimization method. You can use linking to direct readers between pages. This technique is called “breadcrumbs” because the user:

To move between sections and pages, you need to make all links clickable. This will allow the visitor to freely move around the site and add purchases to the cart. In addition, opening the card will lead to exploring other sections with offers.

How to create the right card

Additional tools allow you to spend a minimum of time on page design. Some of them (for example, are free to use. Platforms for creating website pages also offer to create your own template for easy filling.

You need to analyze cards with SEO text at least once a month. Of course, when preparing new products, it is also recommended to conduct an audit. This is due to the fact that the site’s position in search results depends on two assessments at once: the convenience of the resource and competent design.

To rank highly with customers and search algorithms, follow these proven tips:

  1. Create an attractive design. Page design plays an important role, because a site that is not well-thought-out looks repulsive. You won’t be able to get rid of this without a nice modern design.
  2. Focus on convenience. Page linking is SEO optimization of the product card. Buyers who access the site from a mobile browser do not have to search for the intricacies of placing an order. Make sure your audience can use your offers easily and comfortably.
  3. SEO optimization is important. A well-thought-out proposal design also includes the required text indicators from the description. You can find useful recommendations in a minimum of time, and you will be able to see the results after analyzing the indicators.

Correct description of the product, an example of which is described above, will improve site ranking and increase conversion. The success of an online store depends on three pillars: convenience, design and optimization. Using the recommendations, you will be able to create product cards and get the expected results.

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