Stationery in the text: how to find and remove

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In the official business style, there are stable speech turns – clericalism and speech stamps. They fit perfectly into business letters, official invitations, laws. But in informational texts, such statements are inappropriate. The article will be too bland. Specific terminology and complex phrases will not be clear to the average reader. The text will be uninteresting and most likely not read.

Tens of years ago, the text with the bureaucracy was perceived as commonplace. Such phrases were used only for their intended purpose. Now there are specific speech patterns in selling texts, which are losing their main purpose.

Types of stationery

Clerical words look good in an article if they are mentioned several times throughout the article. And if stamps are found in every sentence, you need to get rid of them. Careful revision of the text will help to make it easier to understand, and readers will comfortably familiarize themselves with the proposed texts.

Types of stationery

Stationery is found in many articles on the Internet. Low quality content will not increase website traffic. Customers will not want to buy a product if its description is heavy with stamps. The most popular of these are the following words:

Stamps and stationery often go unnoticed. Authors do not pay attention to them, and readers cannot read the article to the end. Complex constructions make the text heavier, so the material needs to be processed.

An easy way to mess up your text is to use a lot of verbal nouns and participial phrases. Such phrases reduce the quality of the text. They make it less expressive and less attractive to readers. Replacing stationery will help improve the quality of the text and the traffic to your resource. If it is easy for readers to understand what the text is about, they can easily read it to the end, bringing out valuable information for themselves.

Foreign words and abbreviations

Another unfortunate construction is several nouns in a row. Sentences are difficult to understand, and the material will seem uninteresting after the first paragraph. The simpler a text is written, the more likely it is to resonate with readers. Examples of errors when composing content:

Such constructions are found not only in informational content, but also in some books. Authors who do not care about the interest of their own readers may not pay attention to the number of bureaucrats.

Increasing the number of characters versus the quality of the text

Authors resort to various tricks to make the text longer. Action verbs are replaced by verbal nouns with additional words. Such phrases look good in official texts. For simple informative articles, it is better to leave the verbs. Examples of such bureaucrats are as follows:

Using stationery will not make the text more attractive. Readers are interested in the essence, important facts and simple writing style in the article. If the author is used to writing in a business form, then you need to study the basic principles of creating informational articles. They should not use complex semantic constructions that can confuse the reader.

Another unfortunate example: «An increase in the birth rate will be a consequence of an improvement in the material condition of the population». The solution to simplify the design is as follows: «Fertility will increase when the income level of citizens improves».

Foreign words and abbreviations

There are many beautiful verbal constructions in the Russian language, but often the texts are supplemented with foreign phrases. If the text is oversaturated with such words, it is difficult to understand. In some cases, the use of such terms cannot be avoided. But if they are found in every sentence, then the text loses its meaning.

verbal constructions

In everyday speech, borrowed words can also be used when they reflect the essence well. When such constructs are included in informative texts, their meaning should be explained.

How to get rid of bureaucracy? It is enough to use simple words that are used in the speech of every person. So that readers can grasp the essence of the article, it is worth focusing on the target audience. If the material is written for scientists, then you cannot do without complex structures. You can use acronyms and important terms.

Improving the comprehension of the text is the key to success for your company. Events, places and situations described in simple and understandable language will interest every reader. To increase your conversion rate, fill your site with useful content.

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