4 tips to help you work with the agency

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A lot of questions are constantly floating in the head of a person about to order a text on the Internet: “How to choose a copywriter who will cope with the task?”, “How to formulate TK correctly?”, “What can I do personally to improve the result of work?”, and, of course, the most important and frightening one is “What if it turns out badly?” Well then, let’s figure it out!

But what if it turns out badly?

Let’s start with the main monster, which is for many a reason not to mess with “these schoolchildren from the Internet.” There is a funny but effective principle of action:


  1. It will turn out badly, it is a fact.
  2. Should it work out well?
  3. If yes, then it’s worth doing well.

This list, which at first glance seems very strange, will save you days, if not months of life, spent on processing and stress in the depressing expectation of the result that the studio will give. The fact is that each text has a specific task, the reason why you applied to the agency: the need to attract new customers with a good text or the desire to rethink the description of the business posted on the main page of the site, or you enter a new market and for it you need to draw up a separate commercial proposal. But in the end, the customer of any text should answer the following question: “Do I or my clients need this?”

Things such as entries in a personal blog, a description of the services of a particular person (lawyer, doctor) or other “personal” texts that characterize you as a person should be liked by you and only by you, and therefore should be done “well”. While selling texts, product descriptions, and blog articles, companies should like the client, which means they can be done “badly,” but this is only at first glance. The fact is that a business that has more than 3-4 customers per month rarely sells goods and services using methods that are particularly suitable for the owner of the enterprise or managers of the management team. Burger King allows insults and insults in its advertising messages, but its shareholders and directors are people with a good reputation. MTS uses fashion rappers in their videos, but this does not mean that top managers are listening to these musicians. These decisions are not based on the tastes of customers, but on the tastes of customers.

Before writing a text that is suitable for the buyer, a good copywriter will take the time to study the market and customers that the customer’s company has. Hence, so often there are texts that the customer does not like, but the relevant question also arises: should they like?

Tip 1

Trust the agency. Fragments that you may not like are based on decisions made when writing the article. If you do not trust the contractor, then ask why this text is written in this part of the article. If a reasoned answer follows, then it is worth taking advantage of the work received. If you see weak parts of the text, instead of the words “remove it” use the wording “would you like to change this fragment?” If the fragment or text is really bad, the performer will answer honestly so as not to lose the status in your eyes. If you, of course, know how to choose a copywriter that meets the necessary requirements. Oh, stop …

How to choose a copywriter who will cope with the task?

If you contact the agency, then just ask the author’s portfolio. It is necessary to focus on the answers received in the first paragraph (“Do I need the text for me or for the end user?”). If you are talking about your blog or page on social networks, focus on the style that you like specifically. In the case of a landing or product description, the best indicator is the one that can be measured: views, likes, sales growth, etc. The numbers will not let you lie.

A good performer is always punctual, but in reality it is far from always, and even in Lebedev’s studio they can begin to make a logo two days before the deadline. Honestly ask the copywriter when he will start ordering and when you can expect any results. The response received will show his integrity and responsibility. Never believe the words “right now”, because before this person needs at least a cup of tea. Remember that nothing in working with an online agency matters so much as choosing a copywriter whom you will trust trivially.

Tip 2

Check the subtotal. Usually this is the table of contents of the article or some kind of rough plan. The copywriter will spend on it about 40% of the time necessary to complete the order, because first you will have to study the topic of the article well. However, remember that the points in the summary will be slightly different. This is based on decisions made by the contractor during work.

How to formulate TK?

Writing quality TK is very simple: formulate the answer to the question “What do I want from the text?”. As a rule, you need to convey a certain thought to the consumer (our product is environmentally friendly) or push it to a choice (choose us). After that, you need to determine the placement of the text: an article on your site, an advertising (affiliate) article on a third-party resource, product page, etc. Depending on this, the format is determined. For example, it’s better to write an article in the form of a guide “How to choose?”, “How to find?” etc. Here you need to take the place of the buyer of your product and try to understand what he wants. The algorithm here is this:

  1. When preparing a task, you should talk to a copywriter and outline the subject of discussion on your fingers. For example, if you have a company selling heaters, then you are 100% better versed in these devices. Describe the approximate stuffing of these devices and the approximate scenario of their operation: selected, bought, delivered, hung on the wall, there are such modes.
  2. The copywriter will have several questions that are worth answering. The resulting records need to be structured somehow, add SEO-information (keywords, their density, etc.) there, and the ideal task is ready.

Tip 3

Make up TK with the contractor. It will be more effective and faster than self-planning.

What can I do personally to improve the quality of work?

The main thing that the contractor requires from you is information. Often an order cannot be completed due to some minor questions that arise when writing. For example, you or a copywriter forgot to clarify something. Or a copywriter has asked a question that requires you to view personal or corporate records or to coordinate with other people. Questions that can be resolved in 5-10 minutes can last for a week, and this is not an exaggeration. And the problem here is always the same: “This user was online a day ago.”

Tip 4

Allocate in your schedule 15 minutes a day, which you are guaranteed to spend on helping a copywriter. The contractor will know that at the appointed time he will be able to get an answer to all his questions. If you are afraid that you may forget, or consider yourself not punctual enough, then assign yourself a small “fine”. In this case, it will be unpleasant to pay for your mistake even with a small amount of money.


Never forget that agencies (say ours) have advantages over simple copywriters from the exchange.

The point here is not at all overpriced self-esteem. It is difficult for one person to distribute his day so that he can make it everywhere, hence the frequent “Gennady Evgenievich, I have * a reason that seems reasonable to the client *, I will hand over the order in two days.” We must not forget that something can really happen in a person:

serious problems with friends or relatives,
urgent changes on another order, etc.

The agency, in turn, has dozens of copywriters, each of whom will always replace the other or give advice on the necessary piece of text. In the agency, most likely, there will be a person who is already familiar with the topic of the order (or, perhaps, who worked earlier in a similar specialty). Well, of course, remember that of all the agencies, ours is so good and beautiful that even Tantalus begins to suffer less, remembering what a cool text he was made yesterday.


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