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How to draw up TK for a copywriter. What parameters should be taken into account when drawing up the technical specifications. Is it mandatory to give TK to a copywriter. Which is better – to make the task itself or to entrust the SEO specialist?

How to make a technical task (TOR) for a copywriter?

How to make a technical task (TOR) for a copywriter?

Among copywriters and other representatives of freelance there is such an expression: “Without TK, the result is HZ”. Which in translation into human language means: there is no clear technical task – the result will be appropriate. And to prevent this from happening, it is necessary to draw up a competent statement of work for a copywriter

The absence of a task not only unties the hands of the performer, but also leads to further misunderstanding. A copywriter , no matter how cool he is, cannot guess what exactly the customer wants. Therefore, if you want to receive excellent material, prepare a technical task for the copywriter in advance .

If you need to write “seoshnogo” text , you need to consider the requirements of search engines. The main difference between optimized content is the presence of key phrases. It is almost impossible for a customer to make such a statement of work for a copywriter , since a thorough analysis of competitors and the necessary knowledge in the SEO sphere are required here. Therefore, it is better to contact a specialist who knows and knows how to compose a semantic core. 

The terms of reference are not just a guide to action. The finished material should have a certain usefulness and value to the reader; it should at least keep the user on the site, at the very least – push him to commit the target action. In addition, website promotion in a search engine is more dependent on the quality of the content. Below we will consider how to make a copy of the copywriter .

What parameters should be taken into account when drawing up TK?

How to make a technical task (TOR) for a copywriter?

You can write text without technical specifications. But what the material will be is a question. Therefore, if you want to get a really worthwhile text, it is better to take care of compiling an understandable and clear statement of work for a copywriter in advance . The task implies not only the availability of technical parameters, somehow key queries. The SEO optimizer must understand the client’s business, know the target audience and goals of the content. Only such a symbiosis will allow you to write an effective text that will be most useful to the reader.

When compiling a statement of work for a copywriter , the following parameters should be considered:

  1. Uniqueness. The content of the site should be unique in principle, from text to images and design. If the search robot determines that the text is not unique (poor rewriting or copy-paste), the site will be excluded from the search results. However, if we are talking about technical, medical or other narrowly targeted texts, then getting 100% uniqueness will be very problematic. It is unlikely that the word “synchrophasotron” can be replaced by any other, unless one starts into lengthy explanations of what this subject is. Therefore, the best option for such texts is uniqueness from 85-90%. At the same time, many customers still require 100% uniqueness for such texts, not realizing that this is almost impossible to achieve.
  2. Uniqueness in meaning. In addition to the fact that the material should be unique in phrases, words, it should also be original and in terms of meaning. For example, to talk about the same topic, but in other words, with your own opinion and opinion. This is especially important when rewriting is done.
  3. The percentage of spam. An indicator that needs to be taken more seriously. Clutter is the percentage of key queries to the entire article. If earlier search engines demanded a word density of no more than 3%, today this threshold has been increased to 5%. But here there are some nuances. So, a large percentage of spam for a small number of characters in the text is unlikely to be positively received by the search engine. Therefore, here, too, there is no need to overdo it, making up a technical task for a copywriter . You can check the percentage of spam using various services. For example, Advego or Another online service also shows spam. But he has his own algorithm of actions.
  4. Water content. Words that do not carry a semantic load in the text can be safely deleted. Water content in the article may appear for such reasons: you need to fill out the text somehow to get the required number of words, or the performer is a beginner in the profession using hackneyed words. If in the second case it is somehow excusable, in the first case the quality of the text also depends on the wishes of the customer. Often in TK, the copywriter is given the task of writing text for 2000-3000 characters with a lower percentage of spam and a low water rate. In fact, the topic can be revealed by writing 1000-character material. But the copywriter has to contrive and try to somehow stretch the text. Because of this, the article goes over not only “water”, but also unnecessary information.

As a TK for a copywriter, one can cite the following example : “Write a selling text using the keywords presented in a separate file. Text size – 2500 characters. The percentage of spam is 45%, water is 15%, uniqueness is 90-95%. Check the text on the service. ” Further in the technical task, the customer can provide additional wishes for the material, some facts about the company and the product. It is also important to indicate the subject of the site, the direction of the business. 

Do not forget about the structure. An experienced copywriter already knows what the structure of the text should be, but if you want to make some adjustments, you should indicate this in the statement of work. For example, indicate which heading and subheading is needed for the article.


In this article, we tried to consider what the terms of reference are necessary for and how to draw up a statement of work for a copywriter , what parameters should be taken into account when compiling. Entrusting the work of the SEO-optimizer, you can avoid mistakes and misunderstandings with the contractor. 

To complete the task, you must:

Only a clear statement of work will allow you to write a good and high-quality article. And you can entrust this work to copywriters with experience from the copywriting agency Fabrika Slov

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