How to write sales ad copy

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Who writes the ad content? What are the requirements for texts for promotion? Four types of advertising texts used in copywriting. How to write marketing content correctly.

How to write sales ad copy

The main purpose of an advertisement is to present and promote a product. Examples include commercials, product descriptions, magazine articles, etc. It is also important to understand another point – who is writing the advertising copy. In most cases, a copywriter can do this job. But in some companies, the creation of text for advertising can be entrusted to a full-time marketer.

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Good, quality content should be meaningful and express a clear vision of the firm. Interestingly, many words are not needed to create an advertising text: sometimes one short phrase is enough to convey the whole point.

According to market research, it takes a second for a person to notice an ad. This means that the content should be interesting, capacious and convey the idea. Therefore, experienced marketers and copywriters know how to write an advertising text.

Structure and requirements for an ad

Advertising text is created based on the site where the material will be published. Newbies in copywriting who want to try their hand at this field hardly know how to write advertisements. And here it is very important to know the structure of such a text.

The most common type of ad for advertising is the classic article structure:

All four elements are critical ingredients for a well-written copy, and an experienced copywriter knows this. But still I would like to note the title and the echo phrase. The first element should grab the reader’s attention in one second, and the second should once again remind the buyer of the benefits of the product. It is written at the end of the ad.

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As for the requirements, the ad copy may also contain subheadings. It is also important to have facts – specific figures, analysis. You can add numbers to your headline to get more attention. And one of the main requirements is that the material should not be bulky. That is, the performer who writes advertising texts needs to be able to keep within a small number of characters, while conveying the whole essence of the proposal.

What are the types of advertising texts

If you have an understanding of how to write good ad copy, then you need to know the types of ads. There are only four of them. We will tell you more about each type:

  1. Informative advertising. Based on the wording, it becomes clear that such an advertising text informs the consumer about the product and its benefits. It provides an opportunity to get to know the brand, study it and remember it.
  2. Explanatory advertising. Here it is already more detailed about the beneficial side of the product. In this case, experts and specialists are involved, whose opinion is important in forming the final decision of the consumer regarding the product.
  3. Prestigious advertising. The main emphasis in this type of advertising text is not so much on the description itself, but on the images. This type of advertising is mainly used by manufacturers of cars, luxury clothing brands or global brands.
  4. Reminiscent advertising. The emphasis here is on persuasion. That is, the advertising text only confirms the correctness of the choice, that the buyer made the right decision by purchasing this product or using the service.

Copywriters who know how to write high-quality selling ad copy generally use one of the strongest selling formulas – 4U.

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