How to write a business letter

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Paper letters have lost their relevance, and e-mail is used for business correspondence. This category includes messages regarding the main activities of the company and various issues that its representatives can discuss among themselves. There are certain rules that must be followed in official correspondence.

The style of a business letter should be adapted depending on the situation. You should use a neutral tone, not be rude, following the norms of behavior, but not be too polite. All information is presented as briefly as possible. It is not recommended to use:

A modern business letter has a volume of about a page. If you need to convey more information to readers, it should be transferred to a separate file, and the document should be made an attachment to the letter. If the message is addressed to one person, you can use personalization elements.

principles of writing a business letter

How to write a business letter of cooperation? The material should be structured. For this, headings and subheadings, bulleted lists are suitable. If the text is sent to the messenger, it should display well on the screen. For e-mails, a larger text size is suitable.

The use of slang and abbreviations is unacceptable, especially if the mailing is carried out for the first time. In correspondence between employees, you can use abbreviations that will be understandable to all participants in the communication.

Variety of mailings

The structure of the letter is adapted for each mailing channel. The purpose of the sender should be clear in the text. If you need to make a commercial offer, then the mailing is carried out to a cold audience. A business style letter should describe the scope of your business, the merits of your brand, and the positive aspects that will arise from the collaboration.

You can carry out classic email campaigns. They are suitable for covering the main news of the company, changing the working hours, replenishing the range of goods and services, and so on. And if you need to provide information to the media, then it is better to choose press releases. They are often found on Internet news portals. Information that arouses interest in the target audience will definitely become readable.

Many companies strive to increase customer loyalty in a variety of ways. The easiest one is to send letters of thanks. They can be sent out after shopping on the site. You can also congratulate users on personal or national holidays, not forgetting to personalize the mailing list.

Types of business letters

Mailings differ from each other by the final goal and the selected recipients. To understand what types of business letter exist, you can see the following examples:

  1. Correspondence with partners. Thanks to such communication, you can solve the existing issues that arise during the working day.
  2. Newsletter for clients. In such letters, you can mention the replenishment of the range or ongoing promotions. For this, a customer database is formed so that no potential buyer misses important information.
  3. Cooperation proposals. Such letters can be drawn up according to a sample and sent to all addressees, as well as personalized.
  4. Correspondence with representatives of government agencies and so on.

Letters may require an urgent response, or may be used as a newsletter. In the second case, it is not necessary to answer them.

Principles of writing a business letter

A business-style letter should be short and concise. Therefore, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the rules for preparing a business letter, think over the correct wording that will influence the reader`s decision. Provide the sender`s name so that the user can know exactly who the sender is. Numbers and other signs are inappropriate. The best option would be to choose the name of the company, the first and last name of one of the representatives.

The next step is the email header. From it, the client will be able to understand whether it is worth reading the letter, whether it will be interesting. At the beginning of the mailing, you need to say hello, introduce yourself and indicate the direction of your own company, especially when the mailing is carried out for the first time.

An ideal example of business correspondence is a multi-paragraph letter that uses a neutral communication style. Stationery and complex sentence structures can be confusing. Keep the wording as simple as possible.

The letter must be executed on the basis of generally accepted design rules. One font, highlighting the main parts, breaking into paragraphs – all this will improve the perception of information. If your company uses a template for correspondence, then it should be chosen for all letters. To create long-term relationships with partners, it is best to start with a well-written letter that will indicate your professionalism in the chosen business.

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