How to write an article announcement for social networks

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Social media users start reading any material with an announcement. If this part of the article does not attract attention, then the reader will move on to the next text, without even opening the previous one. Therefore, it is necessary to write an announcement for the article that will not leave any user indifferent.

Novice bloggers may not know how to properly compose this piece of content. To understand the basics of writing, you need to decide what an article announcement is. This is a short snippet that is the main idea of ​​the article. A few suggestions are enough to form an opinion on the proposed materials.

Как написать анонс статьи для соцсетей

The most striking example of an announcement is trailers for new films. Sometimes they are filled with so much information that the ending of the movie becomes clear. Interest in the video disappears, and users go in search of another movie. To prevent a similar situation from happening with your text, you need to know how to write an announcement for an article.

Announcement structure

Where to start and what rules to use for writing? The best option is to combine the introduction and headings in the text. How write the announcement to the article – here`s a simple example of a rough structure:

An engaging article review grabs attention and motivates readers to read the text on your site. You can choose the best excerpt from the text yourself, reformulate it and use it as an announcement. You can also consider the main problem that the material is about.

Selecting the main event

Some people consider the best option to choose a suitable quote from the text. But will it reflect the essence? If you pick the wrong quote, people will not spend time on it to evaluate your article.

You can give an example of an announcement and an article – the key point of the content. There may be several of them. If subscribers are browsing your Instagram (or other social network) in search of bright headlines, then, probably, the announcement will be enough and they will not get to the essence of the material. Therefore, you should choose the text depending on the interests of your readers, leave a strong lead that they will not miss.

придумать интересный анонс

How write the announcement of the event? A simple trick is to use information from the source, leaving a link to the original content. In this case, readers may not go to the article, but there will be more reviews about it. This method is suitable for those who publish materials to increase the number of likes on social networks.

Interesting presentation

If you want to come up with an interesting announcement, the rules of writing must be taken into account. But requirements alone are not enough – you need a competent presentation. Many people prefer to write such reviews in a dry and uninteresting format. To prevent users from turning away from your text, it is worth presenting the basic information as you would tell it to your friend.

The casual form of conversation attracts a huge portion of the target audience. Readers interested in the text, in which the author does not use a complex e Speech f design and. They are difficult to perceive, especially when it comes to the beginning of the article. This is the main reason for the decline in interest in content. What can you learn from the text if the introduction is not clear? Therefore, try to get rid of difficult phrases that require additional thought.

Do you want to know how to properly write an announcement for your article? Do not use introductory words that do not convey semantic information. Use simple phrases that fit on one line. Proposals ending a few Straw check, a walk for complex scientific articles. If your goal is to attract the attention of a million people, it is best to use the simplest and most understandable phrases.

Tell us why the article is useful

If the user does not understand what the essence of your material is, he will not read it. To get your readers interested, you need to focus on the main point. If the article discusses quotes from famous people, include their names in the announcement. Many people take into account the opinion of their authorities, so such materials will be viewed much more often.

как правильно написать анонс

The text can contain information that is available on the network only in parts. Guides, basic information about well-known products, a selection of top new gadgets and a bonus – unique data that is not available on other portals – all this will appeal to users. Mention that the reader will not find complete information on the proposed topic anywhere else.

Where can you publish announcements of written articles? It all depends on your target audience. You can post an announcement on well-known portals, other pages in social networks or blogs. Every site where your potential buyers (or readers) are registered should lead them to your article page. Follow the interest s of users and place announcements in places where they go more often. Now you know how to attract the attention of readers and how to increase the views of your materials.

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