How the selling texts have changed: from chants to storytelling

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Many companies looking to increase sales fill their sites with a large number of different articles. The most popular of them are different types of selling texts. The competition in all branches of business on the web is becoming ever higher, so the classic content with flashy wording (“buy”, “find a solution from us” and much more) is bringing less and less value.

Writing quality selling texts for the site includes the following aspects:

These factors are at the heart of creating good articles of all kinds. But if you need to write a selling text for services, you must take into account the proposed requirements.

Best selling techniques: personalization

Today it is not enough to use techniques that were relevant several years ago. They can create interesting text, but users will not react the way they used to. Therefore, it is necessary to choose more sophisticated principles that will lead to increased customer engagement.

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One of them is personalization. You need to clearly know the “portrait” of the target audience in order to write a quality text. Determine the social status of the buyers to whom you want to sell the product, their age, place of residence and main preferences. This way, you can personalize your ads for your customers, taking into account the main characteristics.

Equally important is the definition of “pain”. These points can be used to suggest an optimal solution to a problem. The company will try to solve the most popular questions that are asked by most of the target audience. Such methods are used to create newsletters texts, promotional ads and other shouting ok to improve sales.

Many users are afraid to leave personal information on the site. Ensure complete confidentiality of personal data, of which notify each new client. So the credibility of the brand to grow, and you can create the best texts to inform potential for consumer.


When we write high-quality sales copy, it is not necessary to use the usual ways of presenting. To reach new audiences, you can try storytelling. At first glance, such content does not have the goal of selling. But in reality, it is necessary for persuasion, presentation of goals or positive aspects of the brand. The text describes how the creation of the company began, what events led to an improvement in business performance.


Such articles are more complex, but can be more effective. Users who are familiar with the history of the brand are more loyal to the company. This is a way to influence the emotions and desires of customers. You can draw attention to the main aspects that will be described in more detail in other types of marketing articles.

Blog content

Choosing which sales text to order, you can focus on blog articles. Such a platform enhances the company’s reputation. The pages of the site will describe the main recommendations on a specific topic, the opinion of company representatives about the products offered. You can offer step-by-step instructions for using a specific type of product.

It is not uncommon for the audience to perceive expert opinion or analysis based on specific data. This allows you to provide the best information that will be interesting and relevant to a specific category of clients. You will show users that the company is a professional in its field, has extensive experience and does not hide anything from the target audience. The more information you have on your blog, the better your customers will feel about your brand.

Using the principles of a selling site, you can conquer a new audience and increase your sales. Create literate texts that your customers will like – this will increase traffic on your portal, and products will fly out in a matter of minutes. A selection of the best articles will help your company work.

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