How to use competitors to create compelling copy

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Creating catchy content is directly related to the analysis of competitors’ texts. From this simple action, you can get the maximum benefit in a short time. If you think that the presence of competitors negatively affects your business, you should reconsider your views.
The filling of the site must first of all correspond to the wishes of customers. Finding out what the target audience wants becomes much easier thanks to familiarization with the offers of competitors. In this case, the study of existing content plays into the hands of the company and facilitates the work of the copywriter.

How to collect data from the pages of competing companies

Collecting information about competitors allows you to identify advantages and disadvantages. This applies not only to the features of your company, but also to applicants for a given target audience. Finding information about opponents allows you to clearly articulate your differences and share them with potential customers.
SEO analysis of the text of a competitor is relevant when it comes to promoting your site in search results. Familiarization with the content of the pages helps to identify “leverage” on future buyers. For simple analytics, you need to pay attention to:

Text analysis at the request of the customer is the first stage of preparing a text image for placement. An objective assessment of the information collected is the key to success, which will allow you to create material and choose words. Subjectivity fades into the background, because in another way it will not be possible to highlight the worthwhile moments.

How to use competitor data in your texts

There are several approaches to exploiting competitor information. The effectiveness of each of them depends on the results of the analysis and the correct application of the information obtained. It is worth paying attention to the more popular options that are used in copywriting are:

  1. Rewrite. This method allows you to reduce the cost of writing a text, because it no longer contains new information about the industry. It is worth resorting to rewriting information in cases where articles on the resource are used to promote the site in combination with other techniques. The content created will not be original, but uniqueness will allow you to compete for leadership in the industry.
  2. List of benefits. During the analysis of the material, it will be possible to find those moments that attract the reader. The finished version will be a list of benefits. Thus, you can motivate the audience to cooperate and start earning.
  3. List of disadvantages. There are downsides to workflows for every service provider. By focusing on this, it is possible to push the client away from cooperation with a competitor. However, such a game can be fruitless, because belittling another company speaks of envy.

It is possible to achieve the desired result in cases of combining the above approaches. The author’s task is to tell about the advantages of cooperation with the customer’s company, to exclude the occurrence of unpleasant situations and to use the competitor’s text as a model.
Work on the material will take more time than the mentioned rewriting of articles. But the results will be much better. Original content will allow you to promote the company’s website in search engines and attract potential customers with its impartiality.

Putting advice into practice

Finding a suitable example of using a competitor’s text is not difficult, because comparison with other companies is in demand. Search results depend on the direction of the business: the larger the group of customers interested in the service, the greater the number of offers.
By applying the advice in practice, it is possible to compile a list of advantages and disadvantages, and after that – to give the “correct” material about the course. Vivid examples of such work are:

  1. Specifics. If a competitor does not provide accurate data on the results of using a product (service), use this error to your advantage. Share performance metrics in accepting your offer.
  2. Detail. The abundance of useless details does not bring the desired result. Get rid of giving the number of participants or describing the types of work. Focus on what is of value to the reader.
  3. Price. Most customers believe that a low price is not an indicator of quality. Buyers tend to trust those companies that can justify the specified cost (benefit, safety).

In a situation where the offered price is much higher than that indicated in the competitor’s ad, you need to highlight the merits of your offer. For example, the cost of writing texts from a competitor is only $5? Let your price be higher, but the material will be checked by the editor and marketer. Isn’t this an important advantage?
You can hint at the shortcomings of a competitor without direct mention. Quite it is enough to study the proposals of the main industry leaders and compare the features of the work. As advantageous differences, you can use the experience, cooperation with brands and the results of past work in the last month.

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