Hypnotic copywriting

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Beginning and experienced writers alike know that copywriting is full of secrets that make writing even more attractive. It is necessary to focus on the target audience, its interests, in order to make them buy goods or perform other actions after reading the article. To create such content, one should take into account the peculiarities of the human mind and the reactions that occur in the body. Using the right approaches, you will be able to write quality articles that fall under the category of “hypnotic copywriting”.

After reading such materials, a person enters a so-called trance, the text affects the psychosomatic system. This cannot be called real hypnosis, when the reader ceases to think adequately and completely submits to the will of the author. The article will become a starting point, a lever for taking actions that are beneficial to the copywriter.

Hypnotic copywriting

Features of hypnotic texts

Hypnotic texts allow you to access parts of the human brain. The deeper he dives into reading the article, the stronger the impact of the words of the copywriter. As you read, the desire increases (to purchase a product, follow a link, and so on), which is one of the steps of the AIDA model. Only the final stage remains – action.

We can say that hypnosis text to a greater extent affects human feelings and emotions. Let’s take a few simple examples. Suppose you are reading an article about a cool drink. If you are not thirsty, the content will arouse simple interest and nothing more. But if you are thirsty, the following words will awaken a great desire at this very moment to receive the desired glass of water:

If the text describes the taste, shape, and appearance of an apple, many readers will quickly picture it in front of them. Especially when talking about its crunch, red tint on the peel of incredible juiciness.

When a natural need arises, it must be satisfied as soon as possible. The texts describe exactly such a situation when a person cannot imagine his future life without the described product.

How to put a person into a trance using text

People have a well-developed image thinking. If they hear or read about something, a similar picture appears before their eyes, after which a corresponding reaction occurs. If a hungry person reads about delicious and hearty meals, his appetite will play out even more.

It is worth noting that not all images evoke a response. The greatest power will be provided by a hypnotic text, the purpose of which is to influence natural needs and instincts. Therefore, articles that affect the fear or other feelings of the reader have the greatest impact.

гипноз текст

How to use hypnosis in text? This is the main question that copywriters have when creating content. It is enough to follow simple tips:

The final part of the text should be a call to action aimed at satisfying desires. It is worth noting that the introduction into trance is possible only after the client is interested in the article. Therefore, to begin with, it is necessary to establish contact with the reader.

Once you understand the basics of hypnosis writing and the impact content has on the reader’s state, you can quickly and effectively promote your own site. After reading each article, users will understand that they were looking for your product and will feel incredibly happy when they own it.

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