Where to get articles for the site

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How much does a custom article cost? Who should I give preference – a beginner or a professional copywriter? Is there a difference in text quality in relation to price?

Where to get articles for the site

This question could be limited to a quite simple answer – to order texts in our agency. But this is too simple and even uninteresting. We decided to conduct some analysis and understand not only this issue, but also add a little math, such as how much an article can cost to order.

While it is a little easier to determine the price of an ordinary product, copywriting has its own math and its own prices. For what the price is set, what factors can affect the final cost of the work – let’s try to understand this material.

The cost of writing texts depends on the following components:

  1. How many days the author will spend studying the topic and writing the article itself.
  2. The level of difficulty is a technical text, medical or other highly specialized topic.
  3. What are the customer’s requirements (for example, permissible percentage parameters when checking for spam, according to Glavred or Turgenev).
  4. Timing. If the text is needed yesterday, then this criterion also has a strong influence on the final price of the work.

If the customer wants something extravagant, and even for an hour, then it makes sense to abandon such a project. Why? If the price is too high, even an experienced copywriter is unlikely to produce a quality result. It is necessary to look at things adequately, because the result obtained will not please either the author or the customer.

Therefore, no matter how much an article to order costs, you need to realistically assess your strengths and capabilities.

What do customers say?

Customers, of course, want to get high-quality text that will work to increase sales and website conversion. So who writes articles for websites and at what cost? If this is a novice copywriter, then it is a little strange to demand from him a high level of knowledge and good text for $ 1-2. The same applies to the question if the client, in principle, is not ready to pay a lot even to an experienced writer, demanding a great selling article . Therefore, customers often have the question of where to get articles for the site at a low price.

Where to get articles for the site

It is clear that many clients start from the budget and, with all their desire, cannot increase it. And here you have to make a choice: order two good, high-quality articles or four, but weak and about nothing. And at an equal cost, the choice is obvious. That is, the question of how much an article will cost to order is rather difficult.

But let’s be honest: if a client is looking for an author for a penny, then he is indifferent to sales and the increase in site traffic. And the performer who agrees to work for a low price, the more the result is not important.

Still, some customers have a strong belief that cost is not the determining factor in quality. That is, how much it will cost to write articles, $ 1 or $ 10, it does not matter – the result will be the same, why overpay then? But let’s figure it out: a beginner obviously won’t write an expert article using the right techniques. He will not even delve into the topic. And here is a copywriter with experience:

As they say, the difference is obvious.

How to find a middle ground

So how much can a custom article cost? Skeptics who believe that the texts do not cost a lot of money can pass by. Because this is a job like any other. A work that requires not only erudition and skills (we do not take into account knowledge of the rules from the “zhi” / “shi” series with the letter “i”), but also the skills to analyze, collect information, structure the text, and not give out a canvas of letters.

Where to get articles for the site

And if you are faced with the question of how much it will cost to write an article for a website, then we advise you to first analyze the copywriting market. If you need sales, quality content, then it is better to turn to professionals for services. And they know what to do.

Copywriting agency Fabrika Slov is ready to help all business owners with this. Now you know where you can buy articles for the site.

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