Do you speak English, or How to translate text into English

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For many, translating a text from Russian into English is like a snap of a finger. It would seem, just change the words and that’s it. No complications. But if everything were that simple, then translators would be out of work. What is behind this? Or how to translate text into English? We will talk about this today.

The fact that in Russian or Ukrainian language can stretch for a whole sentence, in English it can fit into a couple of words. Let’s exaggerate, of course. But you need to understand that during translation, some words do not carry any semantic meaning, which means that they do not need to be translated. Therefore, you need to understand that translation is a laborious process, during which it is necessary to take into account such factors as:

Since you can find anything on the Internet today, right down to advice on how to translate a text from Russian into English, most specialists still use their proven techniques.

Как перевести текст на английский язык

If we compare written translation with oral translation, then in the first case you can not rush. You should carefully study the style of the original in order to fully convey the essence and nature of the source material.

Tips for Beginners

Suppose you decide to start translating yourself and you are faced with the question of how to correctly translate the text into English. Here one could give one simple advice and finish the article – take a dictionary and translate it. But this is the essence of our topic.

Here are some tips (or life hacks, as they say now) on how to translate text into English:

  1. Translate not a word, but its meaning.
  2. Use sentences where minimal punctuation is required.
  3. Remember the correct order of words and phrases. In Russian and Ukrainian languages, the word order can be changed, while the essence remains the same. But in English, the order is as follows: subject, predicate, addition, or other members of the sentence.
  4. Don’t forget about grammar and punctuation. If you are in doubt about the correctness of your spelling, you can use the Languagetool online service or install a plugin in your browser.
  5. If you use Google Translate, double-check the translated text several times. The service often translates some phrases and words incorrectly.
  6. Ask a translator you know or use his services to check the text not only for literacy, but also for common sense.

Even if you know how to translate a text from Russian into English, do not rush with it, otherwise you may end up with a complete nonsense.

Online helpers: websites to help with translation

Well, if you can’t do without online services and they will help you in the question of how to translate text into English, here is a small selection of programs:

  1. Multitran is a service with multiple terms. However, you need to be careful, because each user can add a term, thereby changing its meaning.
  2. Website – here you can check the use of words in different forms.
  3. Web resource – a large English dictionary of the English language.
  4. Site – translation of professional words.

And Google Translate – nowhere without it. But whatever the online service, it still does not always know how to correctly translate a text from Russian into English.

Self-service or professional?

Translating text is a task that almost anyone can handle. Thanks to the many online helpers, translating an article or a piece of text is easy. But even the coolest service can make a mistake, because it is a machine and they will not replace professional human translation.

Как перевести текст на английский язык

If you apply the rules for translating text from Russian into English, described above, you can create a good text. However, it is still worth checking it for errors. It should be remembered that the translation of certificates, documents, for example, to the embassy, ​​requires attention. Errors are not allowed here. Therefore, the best option is to use the services of professional translators who know not only the rules, but also how to translate the text into English.

A good, high-quality translation can be ordered from our agency, which employs experienced translators. The employees have more than a dozen texts on various topics under their belt. In addition, they know the secrets of translation from Russian into English, providing customers with competent material.

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