Value for money: why good copywriters are expensive

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Now the work of a copywriter is becoming more and more popular. There are many exchanges on the network where authors can offer their services, and customers can choose a suitable artist for writing texts. But on such sites, mostly beginners work. An experienced copywriter will not write articles for the amounts offered on the exchange.

Representatives of large companies want high-quality and informative texts at a low cost. They believe that professionals work on the exchanges and any author can be entrusted with the work. Therefore, at first they give a trial task, and then they hire a performer. But the result of such work can be disappointing.

работа копирайтера

Errors are often present in the text, ranging from inattentive typos to grammatical errors due to low literacy levels. Such articles do not belong on the official websites of large companies. This will lead to a decrease in brand loyalty, and partners are unlikely to want to start collaborating. The company’s presentation on the website is the first thing that potential clients and representatives of other organizations pay attention to.

The importance of working with professionals

The main goal of any business is to attract the attention of the target audience, investors. Therefore, it is important to fill the site with quality content. It may contain:

Text can be advertising, technical, scientific, and so on. To write it, you need to take into account certain nuances that will help create a unique and interesting material focused on the target audience. The price of high-quality copywriting will depend on many factors, from the complexity of the subject matter to the specified requirements.

стоимость статьи

The processes of writing good texts are explained in special courses or at a university. But it will only be possible to raise your own skill level with a lot of practice. Just because you see interesting posts on social media or a blog doesn’t mean that the author can accomplish the task of creating good content for you. The text should be easy to read and contain valuable information on the topic.

If you think the articles are too expensive, try giving the same order to a beginner and a professional who has in-depth knowledge of the topic. You will see the differences – the first text will be filled with superficial information that is available on each site. In the second case, you will have an interesting text filled with facts, thematic terms, fully revealing the essence of the topic of your choice.

Difference between freelance writers and studio copywriters

When a new site is under construction and you need to fill it with new content, it’s time to order copywriting. Naturally, you can go to the exchange and order texts at the lowest price. Copywriters will gladly take the order, but will there be enough information in the finished materials? Most likely, the author will not specify the details, search for a large number of different facts. The article will be ready within 1-2 days, and no one guarantees the quality.

копирайтер в студии

But if you go to a content studio, the result will be very different. Why is quality copywriting expensive? First, you will need to fill out a brief, in which you provide basic information on the topic of the work.

Later, you can chat with the manager and refine proposed in TK information. Indicate the desired percentage of uniqueness, water, spam, and so on. At the same time, you set the terms, additional requirements for each text, which will be followed by the person selected for the job.

A specialist will start work on content with a market study, information on a specified topic, analysis of competitors’ sites. When enough information has been collected, the copywriter will move on to creating an article. You will not receive it from the author’s hands – each text goes through several stages of verification in order to fully comply with the specified wishes.

Materials are checked using special services that analyze for plagiarism, show the percentage of spam, water content, the presence of stop words and much more. After the copywriter has already finished the text, he is sent to the editor. This is necessary for a more thorough check, since when you study your own text on your own, minor errors may remain.

The editor will evaluate the article with a fresh perspective and will correct any inaccuracies so that you get the perfect content. Where to order articles – you decide, but only authors with experience will be able to prepare high quality articles that will interest your customers.

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