What does kilosign mean in copywriting?

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To measure the volume of text, kilo characters are most often used. Text of this size can use both alphabetic and numeric characters. In copywriting, 1000 characters without spaces are the main way to determine the amount of work and remuneration of copywriters.

Kilosign is one of the most convenient ways to calculate the size of text, because:

If you do not know how many are 1000 characters, then pay attention – this is about half of the page, printed in 12 point font, Times New Roman. The approximate number of words is up to 160. Characters with spaces can also be used for counting.

Checking the number of characters

Not sure how to identify 1000 characters in a text? There are several simple ways. The most popular is the character set in Microsoft Word. In this program, you can find out not only the volume of all printed pages of text, but also a specific area. It is enough to select the necessary part of the content and click on the ” number of words” – this parameter is located on the bottom panel of the document. When the window opens, you will have access to the number of words and characters with and without spaces. You will also find out how many lines the text takes up and how many paragraphs were used.


Additional methods for checking kilosign in copywriting is a service for determining the uniqueness – Advego, text.ru and so on. Copy the necessary part of the text into the corresponding field on the site page, after which you will be able to view the number of characters and other parameters. Articles are reviewed in turn, so in some cases the review takes longer.

Keel marks for different articles

To find the optimal text size, you need to focus on the type of content. When it comes to product descriptions, it is best to write up to 1000 characters without spaces. This size will be enough for buyers to know the main characteristics of the product. Online stores are filled with such articles.

For an informational article, it is best to write from 2 to 3 thousand characters. Several keywords fit perfectly into this volume, which are suitable for complementing the seo text. The topic of the text will be revealed, and users will be able to get answers to their questions while reading. Key queries are taken into account by search engines, so their presence will allow the search robot to distinguish the site from competitors and bring it to the first lines in the search.

Keel marks for different articles

High-volume content is great for increasing the rank of an Internet resource. Texts of 5-6 kilo characters can include detailed instructions on how to use a product, advertisements for new travel routes, and more. Backlinks can be added to the article, which are used for linking. The character count uses headings and subheadings.

Ordering an article

A symbol is the basic unit for measuring the size of text. If you want to order content for filling your own website in the studio FabrikaSlov, then this parameter will be taken into account when calculating the cost.

The new article will be verified using online services. They also indicate the number of characters written by the copywriter. When choosing a service for verification, the wishes of the customer are taken into account. Each client can independently offer sites, depending on the requirements of which the finished content will be edited.

Before ordering the text, you should find out if the kilo-character is how many characters it is and choose the appropriate volume for your article. The copywriter will focus on the specified content sizes and write the appropriate material.

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