What is an article for SEO and how is it written

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что такое статья Constantly changing search engine algorithms are often confusing even the most experienced optimizers. After all, it is necessary not only to satisfy the request of a search robot, but also to provide useful material to the reader. To do this, the site must be filled with SEO-optimized texts. What is an article optimized for the search engine algorithm? This is the text in which there are key queries, which are words, phrases by which a person searches for the necessary material. However, search engines evaluate not only the density and number of “keys”, but also analyze the behavioral factors of visitors to a web page.

Before you start writing text, you need to take into account optimization standards and the requirements of search engines. However, many copywriters adhere to their own methods to write good material. To do this, it is important to follow a certain algorithm:

It is worthwhile to understand that each of the points has its own nuances that must be taken into account when writing a SEO-optimized article.

Types of optimized texts

Above, we examined what an SEO article is and what is the algorithm for writing material. Now you need to select the type of text content for the web resource. It depends on the subject of the site and directly the web page.

There are four types of optimized text:

  1. Selling. The main principle of this material is to answer the reader’s question and bring it to the target action. The purpose of such a text is to sell. The writing style should be easy and understandable to the reader.
  2. Informational. Often used to describe a web resource page. The answer to the reader’s question is also important here, but at the same time it should not have a heap of keywords.
  3. Expert. This type of content should already contain a specific answer to the user’s question, i.e. the text needs specific advice, action. The main role here is played by the semantic load, the essence.
  4. About nothing. Or simply put “dummy” – texts in which there is no sense, but only water and meaninglessly entered keywords. There is no effect from such content, but it can harm the site.

Each type of text has a specific goal, which can be achieved by correctly distributing keywords throughout the article.

How to collect search queries

If the copywriter does not have a clear technical task, and the customer needs an SEO article, then you will have to choose keywords on the topic yourself. To do this, you can use a special service – Wordstat from Yandex or Google. However, in order to use the Yandex key service, you need to register in the system.

It’s better to search for keywords by selecting a region and query statistics. If the article is aimed at users from all over the country, then you need to choose the capital and region. In the case when you need to select requests for a specific region, choose it, because the requests can vary significantly.

To understand the demand of search robots, it is necessary to distribute search words into groups. Next, it is important to identify the topic: this is necessary so that users can find the answer to their question. Otherwise, they simply leave the site, which will negatively affect its further promotion.

The next step is to take takes, i.e. duplicate queries should be removed. Doubles are the same words written in a different declension or reversed. The search engine understands them as one word, so in any case it will give the user the desired material.

SEO text structure

When keywords are collected and duplicates are deleted, you need to optimize the article for the search engine algorithm and structure the finished material for people. But first you need to understand what SEO optimization is. This is the optimization of a web resource page in order to appear in the TOP of the search results.

The minimum number of words required for an article is 900-1000 words (approximately 6000 characters). For a search engine, this is enough to understand – the topic in the article is disclosed. In turn, an optimized article should include:

Particular attention should be paid to checking the finished text. You need to check it for such parameters as uniqueness, spam, water content, nausea and key density. To do this, use various online services: Advego, Text.ru, Etxt.ru, Spelling, Glavred.

In case you need to get good text quickly, contact the specialists of our content studio who are well aware of what seo articles are, what are the structure and methods of writing them. Agency experts will create high-quality content that will bring the site to the TOP.

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