What is Freewriting and how to use it

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There are many techniques for creating copy, one of which is freewriting. This is a style of free writing articles that can be limited in volume or time spent. At the same time, it is not allowed to analyze, criticize, pay attention to proofreading and correction of errors. The stream of thoughts should be on paper as quickly as possible. Freewriting technique involves the deployment of a topic of interest without a specific task. You don’t have to show the content to anyone. The main purpose of writing such articles is:

Freewriting is a great way to learn how to express thoughts. This technique allows writers, copywriters and other authors who have to write a large number of texts every day to move away from the usual canons in writing articles.

Techniques and techniques

When you decide to use freewriting, don’t set yourself the goal of creating creative or unique copy. You will be able to rediscover the simplicity and ease of writing original and interesting articles.

Freewriting is

Before starting, you can use several techniques described in the book by Mark Levy. They are as follows:

  1. Determine the time. Set a timer for 20 minutes, during which you will need to write down everything exciting on paper.
  2. Take your time, choose a writing speed convenient for you.
  3. Don’t take too long to think about the next sentence.
  4. Use spoken language. It is not necessary to remember beautiful speech patterns, jargon and tautology will be appropriate.
  5. Describe the idea that is hovering in your head at the moment. Try to look at it from different angles.

When it seems that there is nothing to write about, turn your attention to another idea. Or try on paper to tell a specific person about what makes the brain tense, making the text in the form of a letter. These are modern freewriting techniques aimed at finding creative solutions.

Change in consciousness

Many writers sooner or later experience a crisis, during which the main problem is the fear of a blank sheet. You are looking at blank paper and not sure where to start. Freewriting allows you to get rid of these problems. It is enough to write the first sentence, which will not necessarily be associated with further text.

what is freewriting

Describe what you see in front of you, your shopping list, or any set of words that will make your sheet not blank. In this way, you create a beginning from which you can start. Do not forget that the final text should not contain first sketches that are not relevant to the case.

Freewriting what is it in the modern sense? This is an opportunity to relax and create useful texts with unique ideas. You can play your favorite song that will allow you to escape from the routine and not think about the approaching deadlines for work.

To find the right solution, you can use the methods that psychologists advise. Look at the problem as if it has already been solved. What would the article be made of if you had already completed it? You will see before you the structure, the main points and other parts that seem incomprehensible at first glance.

Now you know what freewriting is. These are methods of developing your own imagination, awareness of freedom and generating new ideas. You do not need to limit yourself to dry phrases to describe already known products. Try new techniques that may seem unacceptable in the topic of a particular article. Perhaps this will be the best solution for gaining courage and creating genius texts.

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