Quality Text Killers: Stamps and Cliches

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The purpose of preparing a text for business is to create high-quality material. However, many authors unintentionally use clichés in their articles. Perhaps the reader will not notice them, but it is not uncommon for such content to be left without due attention.

It will be easier to work on mistakes and get rid of clichés in the text under several conditions. First, you need to understand what stamps are and how they affect quality. Secondly, the constant search for alternative phrases will improve your level of writing.

Let’s start simple. A wide range – empty words that do not contain any meaning. Usually this phrase means that the author has nothing to say. Times change, but definitions stay the same.

Cliche in the description of services

What are cliches and stamps

To make the text more convincing, many copywriters use clichéd expressions. Often they themselves do not notice that they are doing something wrong. Not every reader will be able to understand why the material seems uninteresting, but an unpleasant sensation is firmly embedded in the memory.

Cliches in the text are templates or template turns. Their damage to the readability of the text should not be underestimated. Most often, such phrases are found in journalism and go unnoticed. The main problem is the deterioration of the readability of the text, which should be easy to understand and arouse interest.

Cliche phrases include phrases that are meaningless. If they are removed from the sentence, the meaning will remain the same. To maintain readability, it is best to avoid overusing such useless phrases in speech.

Stamps differ from clichés in that they can be replaced with a single word. For example, instead of “at the moment” it is better to write “today”. The meaning of what was said remained the same, but it is much easier to perceive such a text.

Common expressions to avoid

You already guess that the text of clichés and clichés is doomed. However, there is a high probability that many issues will remain unresolved. For example, most hackneyed phrases seem to be written to the point and convey the essence. In fact, copywriters either lie or simply write the text accordingly to the volume.

Cliche in the description of services

The company’s clients are interested in specifics. The more room for thought remains, the worse for the quality of the article. So, in texts with a proposal, it is most often indicated:

The problem with these phrases is that this is not a description of the service. How long is the shortest lead time? If you are ready to provide accurate information, use it in your texts. Do not try to splurge and saturate the article with common examples of clichés.

Company description stamps

The task of a copywriter is to tell potential clients about the advantages of the company. Back up what you say with real, verifiable data. The persuasiveness of the text does not depend on “great experience” or the status of “market leader”. The quality of the material is based on facts.

Among the common problems of the authors include open lies. Working with clients, which is “a joy to employees”, is an empty phrase when translated into human language. There is no need to artificially create a good opinion about the company, because the result in practice will be the opposite.

If you notice similar expressions in your articles, back up the information with relevant words. You can talk about improving the quality of service through training, if the site has this information. The curious reader will check and make sure that the choice was made correctly.

Outdated clichés that have lost their meaning

The advertising sphere is moving forward, so the requirements of customers are changing. With this in mind, it is worth changing your approach to presenting information. Using the phrases “we are advised to friends” you return to 2005, when the method seemed effective. Now this is a cliché for an article without meaning.

The next item on the list causes no less bewilderment among professionals. Do not say anything about the business cards of the company and that the services have become an advertisement for the company. How long have you been holding cards in your hands and not looking for an offer on the Internet? Get rid of this once and for all.

How to find clichés in text? Remember how often you saw a similar phrase on third-party resources, and then draw conclusions.

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